Snap Makes AI-Generated Images Focus For Paid Subscribers

Snapchat+ subscribers can now send AI-generated images to each other, highlighting the further expansion of Snapchat's AI-powered features, including the app's Dreams selfie tool, which paid subscribers are now able to use with their friends, and an AI photo-editing tool that helps users fill in gaps in their selected photos.

Now, they will see an “AI” button on the right side of their screen that when clicked will present users with a selection of prompts they can choose to make images with.

Or they can type whatever they’d like to see -- “a puppy sleeping on a rocket,” “a muffin launched by a catapult” –– and the feature will show it to them.

Users can then edit the AI-generated image, or download it and share it with other users.

Snap's paying subscribers have been able to create AI images for their Bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers for some time, but the sharing capability is new and will likely provide more engagement among users.



The same is true of Snap’s Dreams feature, which creates selfies from text prompts. A new update invites Snapchat+ subscribers to generate the images with a friend included, allowing users to appear in whatever form they would like –– mermaids, minotaurs etc ––side by side.

Snapchat+ subscribers will receive one free pack of eight Dreams a month, the company says.

Finally, Snapchat+ is introducing a new AI-powered photo-editing tool that helps users extend photos they wished were less zoomed in.

The tool will take a selected photo and zoom out, filling in the background with the help of AI.

Snapchat says these new features are rolling out now, but that regional availability may vary.

The Snapchat+ service first launched over the summer at $3.99 per month and has been a popular addition to the Snap ecosystem.

In November, the service reported over $20 million in net revenue for the first time, and now over 7 million subscribers are paying to access Snap's AI-powered features and more.

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