Frost Bank Offers The 'Unexpected' Touch

Frost Bank has been a key player in Texas banking for 155+ years. Now, as part of its largest expansion, Frost is doing a brand refresh to underscore its human touch.

The creative campaign is by McGarrah Jessee. Titled "Unexpectedly True Stories," it is running across Texas via billboards, TV commercials and social media.

The lighthearted work relates true stories of real people and the Frost bankers that helped them. For instance, three nuns were driving in Austin when they got a flat tire. A Frost staffer saw their distress and changed the tire. Or consider the San Antonio man who was having trouble with the Frost app. The Frost IT team drove to his house, took the phone to the lab and wrote a custom software pass. And they returned it to him the same day.

The three spots include the new tagline "Exactly What You Unexpected" to note the personal ways Frost outdoes its rivals.



The ads are “Tech Support”, “Three Nuns” and “Tax Season.” 

“Frost isn’t like other banks in how it shows up for its customers and communities, so Frost shouldn’t look like other banks, either. Our new brand look and campaign were created to bring Frost’s values and unmatched customer service to the center as we continue our organic expansion and introduce ourselves to new Texans across the state,” Frost Bank CMO Blair McGrain told Agency Daily.

McJ's client work includes Omlet, Fender, Lyft, Deep Eddy Vodka and Yeti.

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