More Shoppable TV Is Coming

Touting more efforts around “shoppable TV,” a new report from LG Ad Solutions says nearly 30% of connected TV users have made a purchase directly from their TV screens over the last three months after seeing a TV ad.

This is still far behind other media channels when it comes to viewing a TV ad, with 56% buying products via mobile phone, 45% from laptop/desktop, 31% from in-store, 31% from tablets, and 14% from a smart assistant, LG Ad Solutions notes.

Notably, for those CTV selling platforms, 51% of CTV users say they “wish” they could shop using their TV.

Even more significantly, 71% of CTV users say they are “always” holding their phones while watching TV.

The top three methods of buying products/services via TV advertising are: sending a text message for information and discounts, scanning a QR code, and voice-activation via remote or smart speakers.



One of the faster-growing methods of buying products and services is by using QR codes.

Forty-eight percent of CTV users have scanned at least one QR code over the last three months. The top categories are clothing, electronics, automotive, appliances, and groceries.

A key element of this growth is FAST apps/streaming services (free ad-supported TV), 78% of CTV users regularly using those channels, while nearly 60% of CTV users “prefer” streaming with ads, according to the LG Ad Solutions report.

LG says its smart TV-based LG Channels business, with free ad-supported TV platforms, offers TV set owners more than 300 channels.

The December 2023 survey was conducted with 1,210 U.S. consumers, who are representative of the U.S. census by age and gender.

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