True Classic's 'Collab' With Food, Beverage & Makeup SB Advertisers


Here’s a fun (depending on your definition of the term) and messy (I think we can all agree on this) glom-on-to-all-the-Super-Bowl-hoopla social campaign from Tee shirt maker True Classic and its social agency nmbl. The technical term they’re using for the effort is a “hijack.” 

High-end fashion industry “collaborations” are a thing as I’m sure you know. Gucci has them. Louis Vuitton has them. So does Balenciaga, among others. 



True Classic makes Tee shirts so they don’t collaborate with the likes of Louis Vuitton. Instead, they’re creating “accidental collabs” with mainstream food, beverage and makeup brands that advertise in the Big Game this weekend.  

The campaign will break on social during the game. The gist is when a food, beverage or makeup brand runs an ad, True Classic will be posting a clip on the fly of that product splattering, spilling or smearing one of its t-shirts and there you have it—an “accidental collab” will be launched.  

Take Hellman’s Mayonnaise for example. Or better yet, see that example here, which gives you a pretty good idea of what the campaign is all about.    

True Classic is doing that with other food, beverage and makeup brands that advertise in the game. The list of such brands advertising in the Big Game that we know of as of this writing includes soda brand Poppi, ice cream brand Drumsticks, Mtn Dew, Popeye’s, Doritos, Pringles, Reese's, Lindt and e.l.f. beauty, among others.  

Yeah, definitely great potential for messy, gooey “collabs.”  

Maybe True Classic should do a “collab” with Tide. Just a thought.   

Or maybe there’s no need. Content in the campaign will include a call to action for people to share pics of their own “accidental collabs” with any brand for a chance to win a fresh pack of tees.  

In addition to engaging with fans, True Classic will also be tagging brands to see who’s game for a little brand-to-brand dialogue on social.  

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