Backyard DMARC: How Local Firms Can Embrace Security Standard

ABL Computers, a firm that provides IT support to consumers and businesses in the New York area, is partnering with EasyDMARC to enhance email security for its clients. 

The goal is to provide “an effective email domain protection and deliverability solution," says Alvion Legall, CEO of ABL Computers.

Founded in 2001, ABL Computers provides a blend of “people-centered services complemented by computer-centered solutions,” Legall says. It offers managed services, data backup and recovery, cloud computing and network security, the firm supports financial or accounting firms in particular, judging by its website. 

The EasyDMARC tool prevents email domains from being used for phishing and other fraudulent activities, the firm claims.

EasyDMARC describes itself as a cloud-native B2B SaaS to solve email security and deliverability problems.



The firm cites Verizon statistics showing that 93% of all successful cyberattacks start with a phishing email. 

To counter this threat, EasyDMARC employs a DMARC standard that allows automatic flagging and removal of receiving emails that are impersonating senders’ domains, the company says. 

This protects firms against ransomware, business email compromise, email phishing, CEO fraud, domain spoofing, and other attacks.

Presumably, this will also put ABL Computing in compliance with the new requirements at Gmail and Yahoo Mail. 

ABL’s “commitment to delivering exceptional IT services and support to their clients aligns perfectly with our mission to make email safer for everyone," says Gerasim Hovhannisyan, CEO of EasyDMARC.



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