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Pet-Friendly Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Hop Into Bracket Madness


For the sixth year, auditions are open for adorable pets everywhere who want to play a starring role as Cadbury’s mascot for the spring season, but now Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are embracing a little madness (as in college basketball’s March event).

For the first time, the cuteness competition from the Hershey brand will unfold with a bracket format, pitting favorite entries against each other until a final selection is made.

To be clear, participation is not limited to Leporids (the animal family containing rabbit and hare species), but open to all lovable pets, from cats and dogs to reptiles and amphibians (a frog had previously been selected as the winning “bunny”).

The annual event makes proud pet parents and fans “a central part” of the brand, says senior associate marketing manager Natalie Shuntich in a statement.



To enter, pet parents need to follow CadburyUSA on Instagram, post a picture or video of their pet from a public Instagram account, and explain why their pet should earn the distinction of being the 2024 Cadbury Bunny. Entrants also need to tag Cadbury and use the “#CadburyBunnyContest” hashtag in their post to enter.

Finalists will then be announced in early March, with the breakdown aping March Madness roundups: the “Round of Thirty-Cute,” opening on March 11, then the “Crème Sixteen,” followed by “A Litter of Eight,” “Final Fur” on March 20, and a final round determining the winner, with voting opening on March 22.

One thing to note from the contest rules: the “winning pet featured in entry must be able to perform for camera and remain reasonably stationary while wearing physical bunny ears.”

In addition to the winner having their pet earn the 2024 title and being selected to appear in the brand’s 2025 “Cadbury Bunny Tryouts' ' commercial, entrants will have the opportunity to win up to $7,000 in prizes over the course of the five rounds.

The expanded competition follows Cadbury naming its first-ever feline winner in last year’s “Rescue Pets Edition” of the tryouts, selecting an eight-year-old Boise, Idaho shelter cat named Crash for the title. Crash suffered injuries due to a car crash that left him with one eye, but his endearing personality quickly won over the hearts of the staff at the local shelter while he was healing from his injuries – leading to him becoming a resident shelter cat who charms shelter visitors, according to the brand’s announcement of the last year’s winner. Past winners have also included Henri the English Bulldog (2019), Lieutenant Dan the Treeing Walker Coonhound (2020), Betty the Frog (2021), and Annie Rose the Therapy Dog (2022).

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