Reddit Takes 'Snoo' Public As Stock Pops At Open

Reddit launched a social media campaign to commemorate the event of the company’s initial public offering (IPO) on Thursday.

The company wanted the announcement of Reddit’s IPO to represent the unique nature of the company and the platform, so it couldn’t be a typical corporate post.

Reddit’s in-house creative team, OrangeRed, collaborated with its social media team to create a fun video for its Reddit-owned social channels.

The video follows a “day in the life” of Reddit’s mascot, Snoo, who in the video gets ready to go to the New York Stock Exchange and ring the bell.

The “Snoo gets ready for Reddit’s IPO” video leans into what the company believes are the brand's four traits: delightfully absurd, genuinely candid, inherently eclectic, and confidently ourselves.



Snoo is representative of all of the employees behind the platform and users who make Reddit.

Community remains at the heart of its marketing efforts, and this quirky video brings Reddit’s community to life.

The campaign is full of Reddit easter eggs, with glimpses of the company’s New York office, Reddit employees and of course, Snoo ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

The Reddit team includes Tavish MacLellan, head of brand creative; David Benham, design director, and Bev Galipeau, art director, among others.

Reddit's shares reportedly are set to open 53% above their IPO price at their market debut on the New York Stock Exchange, which could potentially value the platform at $9.81 billion.

The company priced its IPO between $31 and $34.

Reuters reported that the IPO valued Reddit at $6.4 billion, while the company and its selling shareholders raised $748 million.

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