JBL's Pivot To Attract Young People On Roblox

How do you get kids to engage with and like your brand? Social media agency GoSpooky’s answer: Make a movie on their favorite gaming platform.   

Earlier this week GoSpooky launched The JBL Land Movie, what the agency calls the first major brand film on the popular Roblox gaming platform (70 million daily users, 42% under the age of 13, per Demand Usage). Part 1 of the three-part, 23-minute film debuted March 19 (you can check it out here).  



 GoSpooky co-founder Tim van der Wiel campaigned for more than a year to create a Roblox channel for iconic audio products firm JBL and then designed the JBL Land, which premiered February 21st. They figured a movie set in the land was the best way to get audiences to experience it.  

The agency selected an up-and-coming influencer named Robuilds to help shape and star in the animated feature.  

Early numbers show that in just two days the film had 320,000 views on TikTok, 47,000 on Instagram and 7,200 on YouTube.   

Filmed entirely within the world of JBL Land the movie explores themes of self-expression and creativity through sound. Robuilds scripted and directed the effort and is the lead character in the film. She’s touring JBL Land to find her unique sound identity while overcoming many dynamic challenges along the way.    

“While young filmmakers are amassing millions of followers with self-made movies on Roblox, marketers have yet to follow suit,” up until now says Daniel Lee, CMO at JBL. Robuilds, she added “ is a prominent voice on Roblox and she breathes our brand ethos of self-expression as she,” journeys to find her own “sound identity.”   

In the movie, Robuilds searches for her own sound so she can play it out loud on the Grand Jukebox for all the land to hear. She meets many strangers along the way, both friends and foes, while also overcoming big challenges like the temporary loss of her hearing. But there’s a heartwarming conclusion. For the movie, Robuilds is joined by four of her biggest fans from Discord to help play supporting characters.   

The film utilizes Roblox’s Free Cam features to capture dynamic zooms, close-ups, and experimental angles, ensuring a cinematic experience that stays true to the platform’s nature while showcasing the uniqueness of JBL Land to viewers.  

“We’re extending what’s possible on Roblox,” said Tim van der Wiel, co-founder at GoSpooky. “The JBL Land Movie is both a technological and communications achievement.” He adds, “The brands that will win on new frontiers like Roblox are those that master the technology to redefine the platforms, not merely use them as communication networks.” 

Amsterdam-based GoSpooky was founded in 2015 when van der Wiel and Liam Tjoa, 15-year-old Dutch technologists, saw opportunity in major brands’ non-fluency in Snapchat.    

GoSpooky now creates global activations and campaigns from offices in Europe and the U.S. Major clients beyond JBL include Snap, TikTok, Jeep, Hema (Dutch department stores). Amazon.   

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