Broadcast, CTV Platforms - And Social Media - Push Crossover Media Use

Broadcast and connected TV platforms continue to be among the big movers and promoters around crossover usage of other media channels, according to a report from GWI, a consumer research company.

For example, of the 89% of respondents who use broadcast TV on a typical day, 93% say they use social media.

Another key finding is that among the 77% who regularly use online TV platforms, 95% use social media daily.

Platforms that are lagging behind in terms of crossover benefits include music streaming platforms, physical press, podcasts, and gaming consoles activity.

Of those who are using broadcast media on a given day, 66% to 68% will also use these other media channels. 

The better news for music streaming platforms, physical press, and podcasts, and gaming consoles is that those online TV users offer better results. Among the daily online TV users, 73% said they will go to music streaming platforms and physical press (magazines and newspapers), with 74% each going to podcasts and gaming consoles.



The best result in terms of daily usage crossover power is with social media, which has a 93% reach. Of those using social media, 91% will tune into broadcast TV; and 80% will go to to connected/online TV. The lowest crossover usage for social media users is found with gaming consoles and physical press -- at just 66%.

“Fortunately, brands don’t need to be on every channel imaginable to get ahead, as most audiences can be found across the media spectrum. In fact, they all have fairly big reach and overlap,” the authors of the study say. 

When it comes to advertiser and brand awareness, social media and broadcast also scored well -- only topped by search engine users.

Both social media and broadcast got a 30% score when it comes to respondents saying that is where they typically find brands and products. Search came in at 36%, with brand site users at 30%. 

TV streamers were a bit further down at just 17%.


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