Target Resurrects 'The Target Lady' For New Membership Campaign

It’s been more than a decade since “Saturday Night Live” actor Kristin Wiig delighted audiences with her portrayal of the Target Lady, an impossibly peppy associate. This time, she really is “on the clock and ready to rock,” in a series of ads designed to promote both Target Circle Week, the chain’s upcoming spring promotion, and Target Circle, the company’s updated membership program.

With her red vest and trademark bowl haircut, she stars in 12 different spots. They include “Big Morning,” as she gets ready for the big event in her Target-themed house, an imagined dream sequence, and “Peanut Butter,” which lets her extol the virtues of inside-out sandwiches.



Target worked in partnership with Wiig, former "SNL" writer Jameson Anderson and director Tom Kuntz, with Wiig ad-libbing some of the lines. And in a Minneapolis-esque touch, Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star” plays in the background.

Wiig, currently starring in Apple TV + “Palm Royale,” is scheduled to host "SNL" this week, putting her into the show’s “Five Timers Club.” 

The ads are running on TV, social media and digital platforms.

“Like so many, we’re big fans of Kristen Wiig and her iconic Target Lady character from “Saturday Night Live.” So as we prepare to introduce the new Target Circle and thousands of new deals during Target Circle Week, it’s only fitting that we partnered with Kristen to create some memorable new laughs courtesy of the one and only Target Lady,” said Lisa Roath, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, in Target’s release.

These ads, however, are just the beginning. Target says Wiig will then appear in a series of spots promoting sweeping changes announced last month. In addition to Target Circle, the existing loyalty program, and Target Circle card, both featured in the first wave, new spots will highlight Target Circle 360.

The program’s introductory fee is $49 per year, well below the $98 for Walmart + or $139 for Amazon Prime. And Target membership offers many of the same benefits as those competitors, including unlimited free same-day delivery for orders over $35 and free two-day shipping. It also includes access to Target’s Shipt Marketplace, which offers same-day delivery from over 100 retailers nationwide.

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