The Virtues Of Video: Why And How Marketers Are Using It

Marketers who succeed in engaging customers in email and other channels overwhelmingly favor of one tool: Video, according to Most Disruptive Changes To Creative Assets In Strategy, a study by Ignite Visibility. 

Of the 206 U.S. marketing experts polled, 66.5% said videos are be their most valuable form of creative content, versus 18.4% for photos, 11.2% for infographics and 3.9% for GIFs. 

But they said it is better be brief — short-form videos produce the best ROI for 72.3%. 

Moving forward, 84% will use YouTube as part of their SEO strategy. 

In general, 92.2% of marketers utilize creative assets as part of their strategies — an increase from 74% in the previous year. And 74.3% have noticed boosts in their SERP rankings for content with creative assets. 



The study author, Ignite Visibility CEO John Lincoln, cites research showing that 69% of consumers watch videos instead of reading to learn about a new offering. 

What kinds of videos are marketers fielding? In this order, they are:

  • Product or Service Demo
  • Customer Testimonials
  • A Day in the Life of
  • Informational Strategy
  • How-Tos
  • Hacks
  • Tour of a Space
  • Pack an Order

"This research underscores the critical importance of investing in creative assets to differentiate and elevate digital digital marketing performance,” Lincoln says. 



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