New Brand Consultancy Dang Targets Gen Z, Gen Alpha

Creative executive Karan Dang and UX/UI expert Shruti Dang have launched Dang, a creative consultancy targeting next-generation consumers.

Dang will focus on strategy, creative, social and AI efforts to empower brands and drive growth in an evolving digital landscape for Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences.

"Modern creative brands must navigate at the pace of culture, anchoring their brand experience around the largest growing audience: Gen Z," said Karan Dang. "Gen Z defies a singular mold. They are multi-dimensional. Rather than bombarding them with ads, we should strive to cultivate authentic relationships through experiences and formats that resonate with their lifestyle, found on social platforms, gaming realms and experiential engagements."

Dang developed its own a blueprint for marketers, a user-centric process it calls Next-Gen Centricity. It has also built a team of 100+ Next-Gen Centricity experts spanning creative, strategy and culture to produce campaigns. 



Most recently, Karan, an award-winning creative, was head of brand creative at Walmart, where his work focused on building a young, diverse customer base. Prior to joining Walmart, he led Disney’s 250-person, in-house agency Yellow Shoes, creating marketing programs for Disney Parks experiences and consumer products.

During this year’s Super Bowl, Karan partnered with Special U.S. to lead social strategy for Uber Eats. His career started at traditional agencies, including 180LA, Deutsch LA and TBWA/Singapore.

Previously, Shruti Dang served as a project leader in UX-UI design and product development at BlackLine, a fintech company.

“From social, sharable video to social commerce, new formats are constantly emerging and CMOs are tasked to stay up-to-date to connect with younger audiences," she said. "Dang can help them assess new formats for relevance and go on to implement creative, category-leading campaigns on time, at scale.” 

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