Olipop Partners With Barbie For Peaches & Cream Soda


Last year, right after Olipop was featured in Nikki Manaj’s “Barbie World” music video from the soundtrack to the summer’s biggest movie, Mattel reached out to the brand about another partnership opportunity for Barbie’s 65th anniversary.

Olipop co-founder and CEO Ben Goodwin, who also formulates the prebiotic soda brand’s flavors, had been working on a Peaches & Cream flavor for years, Olipop head of marketing Chad Wilson told Marketing Daily. “When Barbie and Olipop discussed the [65th anniversary of Barbie and 40th anniversary of the release of the Peaches’n Cream Barbie], they asked if we had a Peaches & Cream flavor, and the rest is history.”

The limited-edition Barbie x Olipop Peaches & Cream release is “a flavor that evokes nostalgia and embodies Barbie's spirit,” Wilson said.



Cans of Barbie x Olipop Peaches & Cream will be sold in individual cans across major retailers nationally, including Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods, as well as on Amazon and through Olipop’s website.

Olipop created a virtual “Peaches & Cream Kitchen” that connects to a promotional giveaway, accessible at beginning on May 6. The brand will be offering a free sample of the Peaches & Cream flavor to 5,000 fans who open the virtual soda-filled fridge through May 10, giving away up to 1,000 cans per day. 

The brand will also be promoting the new release through digital and social channels.

“The interactive Peaches & Cream Kitchen is the main tactic we’re using to excite consumers about the launch. The unique virtual experience allows fans to ‘step into’ a dreamy, modern-retro fridge and explore the world of Olipop [and] Barbie.” Wilson explained.

According to Wilson, these tactics are in line with Olipop’s marketing strategy of “tapping into major (and fun) cultural moments,” and marketing the brand through a focus on elements of nostalgia associated with the soda category.

The release follows Olipop’s recent campaign searching for “Soda Consultants” to travel with the brand to create content, as well as recent digital OOH efforts supporting the brand’s expansion. 


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