B2B Pride: Brands Sure Of Their Data Strategy Spend More And Make More

B2B marketing budgets are headed for an uptick this year: 31% of brands that are confident in their data strategies expect significant increases, versus 16% last year, according to The 2024 B2B Marketing Outlook: The Data Confidence Divide, a study from Anteriad, conducted by Ascend2. 

However, B2B companies face ongoing challenges with their data.  

For instance, 60% of B2B companies surveyed say improving data quality is a hurdle, and 66% have set it as a priority.

In addition, 64% see integrating technology as a challenge, and 61% as a priority.  

Another 56% describe testing and implementing new tactics as a challenge and 51% view this as a priority. And 49% are challenged by the task of aligning sales and marketing on GTM objectives, while 50% list it as a priority. 



In contrast, only 35% see enabling opportunities for self-service as a challenge and 35% see it as a priority. 

The study divides B2B marketers into two groups: Those who are extremely confident in their data strategy and all others. Of the confident group, 46% saw a significant revenue increase last year, versus 15% of everyone else and 44% of the leaders.

Then there are the “Authenticity Acrobats” — those who consider authenticity in their brand messaging to a great extent. Among those polled, 66% belong to this group.  

Of these leaders, 46% expect a significant revenue increase this year. But only 22% of all others say the same. 

What accounts for this difference? For one thing, the Authenticity Acrobats are extremely confident they have the right data strategy in place — 54% say so, compared to 34% of all others.  

And 59% of the Acrobats are extremely confident they are targeting the right personas and ICP, as do 38% of the others.  

Of those who consider authenticity, 75% are extremely confident in their data strategy. 

Meanwhile, 43% of firms that are extremely confident in their personalization expect significant boosts in lead pipeline/new lead acquisition, while only 15% of all others foresee that. 

Of the Acrobats, 59% are extremely confidence in personalizing their campaign efforts, compared to 43% of all others.  

How many data points are B2B firms using? Sixty-four percent  use three to six data points, while 28% use seven or more and 8% use one to two.  

And here is a key point: 55% of the Authenticity Acrobats believe they can strike a perfect balance with maintaining brand authenticity while incorporating AI into their GTM strategies. So do 38% of all others. 

Anteriad and Ascend2 partnered to survey 429 marketing decision makers across North America, Europe and APAC. They represent companies with 250 employees or more. 



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