Krispy Kreme Angers U.S. Fans With U.K.-Only 'Friends' Release

In what might be one of the bigger marketing missed opportunities of recent memory, Krispy Kreme has released a fun “Friends”-themed donut collection, but only in the United Kingdom. 

The four donut flavors celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic '90s sitcom.

“As part of the festivities, Krispy Kreme did a survey evaluating their adult consumers' likelihood to share food − cue Joey's famous ‘Joey doesn't share food’ line − and found that when it comes to doughnuts especially, people tend to be a little stingy,” according to USA Today. “While American fans may feel a little neglected by this nostalgic release, they do have some tasty fun to enjoy with the Dolly Parton doughnut line that wound down over the weekend.”



The North Carolina-based company isn’t saying why the donuts are not available in the United States and disappointed fans are reacting on social media. 

“‘This is where I am just confused by the decision-making process. Friends was a huge U.S. show (I know it is big internationally as well, but come on), yet this is a UK thing,’ wrote one Instagram user in response to a post about the new doughnuts,” according to Fox Business News. “‘I love getting to see all of these cool flavors and snacks, but it's also showing me how much we miss out on,’ the same user added. ‘I'm a huge ‘Friends’ fan and I would've loved to see these doughnuts in a Krispy Kreme shop in the US," another Instagram user said.’”

The 25th anniversary of the show in 2019 also spurred some PR and marketing stunts, “including the relocation of the Central Perk couch to the top of the Empire State Building, and a tribute from the Blue Man Group, which gave us all a sense of what the show would have been like had it starred trio of sexless painted mimes,” according to Cracked. 

“Although Krispy Kreme has risked reigniting 1775-esque hostilities, it’s not all that surprising that the U.K. would be the home of this unnecessary promotion, since Friends is hugely popular there, topping streaming charts, and now serving as the permanent home for The Friends Experience,” per Cracked

Online orders for the donuts are available but require a U.K. postal code.

“Here’s hoping the donut chain will pivot and bring the treats to the U.S.,” according to KTLA Los Angeles

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  1. Jay Morgan from Equine Global, June 20, 2024 at 8:58 a.m.

    I'd like to beleive that there are more pressing issues to deal with than whining and complaining about donuts with a tie to some old sitcom many have never watched anyway.  Perhaps donating your donut money to some worthy cause today will make you feel better about yourself, and improve the world.  Or you can continue to whine about donuts.

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