Out to Launch

We're over the hump. And no teaser ads today. It's all or nothing. Let's launch!

For all the drama regarding the will-they-or-won't-they-advertise during the Super Bowl question, Hyundai churned out two great ads running in the third and fourth quarters. This marks the company's first Super Bowl appearance since 1989. "Big Twist" introduces the world to Genesis, an upscale sedan with an affordable price tag. Genesis maneuvers its way down a windy road, while the voiceover reveals the spot's plot twist: the car is manufactured by Hyundai. The ad closes like a movie preview with the words "Summer 2008" on the screen. Watch it here. The voiceover in "Tomorrow" ponders how the ad will be received by the USA Today poll. "But we're pretty sure that Mercedes, BMW and Lexus aren't gonna like it very much," concludes the thought. Click here to watch. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created the ads.



Garmin ditched that large peculiar monster (remember Maposaurus?) from its Super Bowl ad last year and opted to use a spokesman of smaller stature. Smaller is better for them. A tiny car appears to be driving itself through the streets of Paris, avoiding traffic jams to boot! Catchy French music makes the ad, well, catchy, as the driver reaches his destination: the Parc de Saint Cloud, where the driver, Napoleon Bonaparte, staged a coup d'etat that overthrew the French Directory in 1799. Bet you weren't expecting a history lesson. The spot ends with Napoleon waiting for his miniature pony to be delivered as his soldiers wait. Watch the ad here, created in-house. Well done.

The Gatorade Company is running ads during the big game to promote G2, a low-calorie drink that keeps athletes hydrated off the field. It has fewer calories than Gatorade, but more than Propel. The company ran teaser ads in December featuring two pairs of feet belonging to unknown basketball and baseball players. The feet belong to Derek Jeter and Dwyane Wade, and even this hard-core Mets fan enjoyed the Jeter spot -- a little. Jeter is walking through New York as fans congratulate him on a great game. The street and everything around him morph into a baseball field. My favorite touch was the walk sign that swung a bat. Watch closely. "The next game begins when the last one ends," says Jeter as he chugs G2. Element 79 Partners Chicago created the ad.

Taco Bell is promoting its limited-time Fiesta Platters, a full meal consisting of a burrito, beans, rice and chips, during the big game. A Mariachi band stops two co-workers from rushing into a meeting in favor of savoring their Fiesta Platters. When a female co-worker investigates, one Mariachi winks, which makes a whip sound, and says "Hola." The spot ends when the woman lets her hair down (again with the whipping noise) and responds "Hola!" Excuse me while I choke on my Fiesta Platter. Watch the ad here, created by Draftfcb Orange County.

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