Out to Launch

TGIF. The final round of Super Bowl ads. Let's launch!

Here's a handful of teasers from Anheuser-Busch. They usually bow about 45 ads during the big game -- OK, seven -- and here's a look at four. Bud Light not only gives drinkers what they want from a beer, it also gives them the ability to breathe fire. Watch it here. A Clydesdale doesn't make the initial cut in "Team." His personal trainer, however, gives him a newfound hope. Cavemen always make it into the Super Bowl. This time around, a group of cavemen are unsuccessfully lugging beer to a party, when a friend shows off his invention: the wheel. In "Language of Love," Carlos Mencia teaches flirting techniques to a group of guys. Women dig accents, but sometimes, things get lost in translation. Eyes, thighs, sound so similar when an accent comes into play. DDB Chicago created "Fire," "Team" and "Wheel." Latinworks Austin created "Language of Love."



My favorite part of this ad was Andy Samberg donning a blonde wig. Justin Timberlake is the main pull, though, for this spot promoting Pepsi Stuff. The more you drink, the more stuff you can accumulate. So each time a teenage girl sips her Pepsi in the ad, she is one step closer to Timberlake. He is dragged up a building and down a busy road until he reaches his destination, the girl's backyard. Things look up for JT until he's hit in the head with a flat-screen TV, a prize racked up by the teen's dad. Watch the ad here, created by BBDO New York.

A "Saturday Night Live" skit and DietPepsi Max go hand in hand in "Nod." Spoofing the popular "Night at the Roxbury" skit, the celebrity-laden ad features Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott and average Joes nodding off until they receive a jolt of energy from the beverage, which prompts drinkers to dance-nod like the brothers portrayed by Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell. The spot humorously ends with Kattan picking up his dry cleaning and yelling, "Stop it" at nodding consumers. BBDO New York created the ad. Watch it here.

I can't get away from politics even while watching the Super Bowl! Coca-Cola is bowing two 60-second spots during the game, one with a political "Odd Couple" vibe. I like it. In "Jinx," Democratic strategist James Carville and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist are bickering on a political talk show when they both say the same word at the same time. Frist yells "jinx" and orders Carville to buy him a Coke, then and there. Bottles in hand, the two hop on a double-decker bus for a tour of D.C's landmarks. They even attend a Washington Wizards basketball game. Both have a fun time and political agendas are temporarily forgotten. Watch the ad here. In addition to its two ads promoting Coke, the company is also launching a 60-second spot for vitaminwater, starring Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the ads.

Yesterday, Garmin (my favorite ad so far) gave us a history lesson on Napoleon in its Super Bowl ad. Today, GMC schools us in Greek mythology. "Why push" promotes the new Yukon Hybrid, a full-size hybrid SUV, in a 60-second ad created by Leo Burnett. A man is pushing a boulder up a mountain as a voiceover asks, "Why push, why change, why grow, why dream?" The man reminds me of Sisyphus, whose punishment in Greek mythology was to roll a boulder up a hill -- only to watch it roll back down and repeat this action forever. Only the ad has a different ending: The boulder makes it to the top and stays put.

Planters is making its Super Bowl debut this year using a memorable woman as its main attraction. Clad in all pink, rocking a unibrow and green eye shadow, this woman is a man-eater. Men fall all over themselves and other things when she walks past. Her secret obviously involves Planters. Here's the teaser spot. I can't post the full ad, but I'll say this: even her wedgie-picking in public doesn't keep the men at bay. Draftfcb New York created the ad.

The NFL Network is launching "Bold Predictions Super Bowl XLII," a humorous take on NFL fans' early season predictions. "Eli. The closest Eli comes to a Super Bowl ring is when he gives Peyton a manicure," says one fan. "Randy Moss. Well, the Raiders didn't want him, what does that tell you. Exactly," says another. The ad concludes by telling fans "to get your story straight. Watch NFL Network." Click here to watch the ad, created by Triple Double.

Ford is launching a pre-game ad promoting Sync, a product that allows drivers to voice-activate their mp3 players and bluetooth phones. "Anesthesia on," says a surgeon as she begins to operate on her fully conscious patient. "Ow, I can feel that," responds the man. "Not everything responds to your voice like Sync," explains the voiceover. Click here to watch. Team Detroit created the ad and Crew Cuts edited the spot.

Lastly, be on the lookout for pre-game and in-game ads from AMP energy drink. The pre-game ad stars Dale Earnhardt, Jr. racing a camel and the other ad stars a man jump-starting a car in an interesting way. Ow.

Go Giants!

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