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Ari Rosenberg

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Provide media sales consulting services with a focus on sales training and licensing of patented IPC pricing system that rewards advertisers for placing ads users like.

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  • Sending Out An SOS in Publishers Daily on 11/02/2017

    When Sting's "Desert Rose," featuring the singer Cheb Mami, started to play on my Pandora station, I tapped the "thumbs up" icon on the bottom of my screen. My "thumbs up" told Pandora that I would love more songs just like "Desert Rose." Now my Pandora station keeps playing Sting songs. But I don't really like Sting. I only like this song. There was just no way for Pandora to infer what my intentions were behind my captured behavior. All it could do was record "the click" and then put me in a bucket of Sting fans. Digital ad targeting works much the same way, placing consumers into targeting buckets. This assumes however, that people in the same bucket are totally similar. But until there are 323.1 million buckets advertisers can choose from, targeting people will always miss the mark, badly.

  • When Not Advertising Works Better Than Advertising in Publishing Insider on 06/01/2017

    Bill O'Reilly would be on television this evening if Mercedes-Benz and other advertisers had not pulled their ads from running during his show. These advertisers muscled O'Reilly off the air because it became factually apparent he grossly mistreated women in the workplace. These advertisers didn't want their brands connected to that behavior.

  • Programmatic Is Failing Forward in Publishing Insider on 05/10/2017

    Here are three reasons programmatic is failing:

  • The Brand-Safety Paradox in Publishing Insider on 04/20/2017

    Ad technology makes it possible for advertisers to reach specific target audiences on Web pages that can hurt an advertisers' own brand. So now "brand safety" is the latest battle cry from our industry, but who is at war? On one side, you have premium publishers and premium advertisers. They have more to gain when content quality and brand safety are the prevailing factors in determining where to run an ad. On the other side sits Facebook, Google and the portals, platforms and exchanges whose success is driven by ad tech. These entities win more ad dollars when audience targeting is a bigger determining factor than content quality and brand safety.

  • Sitting Next To Objectionable Content in Publishing Insider on 03/30/2017

    We work remotely at my company. I personally bounce between my apartment, my gym, and coffee shops in the neighborhood when I am not meeting with clients. When it comes to coffee shops, Starbucks is the go-to because the Internet connection there is far superior to other coffee places.' The problem is that the Starbucks locales in New York City have become homeless shelters. Their managers can't stop drug-addicted vagrants from taking refuge at tables right next to paying customers. Despite these surroundings, for the price of a cup of coffee you have a place to work with a great Internet connection. You just have to accept sitting near objectionable content.

  • May I Speak Freely -- And Directly? in Publishing Insider on 03/09/2017

    My discomfort with programmatic is driven by its similarities with the business model of legacy ad networks. The former was built on the premise of mistruths and arbitraging. By definition, arbitraging means someone is overpaying, someone else is underpaid, and the guy in the middle is overselling. Ad networks did this by using premium publisher logos to sell ad buys and then used garbage inventory from inferior Web sites to fulfill them.

  • Managing Direct Sales In A Programmatic World in Publishing Insider on 02/16/2017

    It's no longer feasible to be a premium online publisher without a programmatic offering. The mistake, however, is an over-reliance on private marketplace or open exchange revenue to be successful. Direct-ad deals sold are your "Tom Brady" -- they march you toward your quarterly goal line. Programmatic is your kicker.

  • Programmatic Is Problematic, Even When It Works in Publishing Insider on 02/10/2017

    The problems with programmatic are well-covered and greatly ignored. Reported growth in spending continues to fan the frenzy, while sweeping significant problems under the rug.

  • An Axios Of Hope in Publishing Insider on 01/26/2017

    Now is the time for publishers to figure out what they need to stop doing. There is structural damage that needs to be fixed if this business wants to remain standing. Publishers need to rebuild their entire sites from the ground up. If the idea of starting from scratch sounds impossible, or you wouldn't know where to start, there is a new publishing ray of hope to follow:

  • New Year, Same IAB (Interactive Advertising Bull) in Publishing Insider on 01/05/2017

    It's a new year, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau is churning out the same old BS: "Digital Ad Market Soars 20% in Q3, Approaches $18 Billion"

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