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Augustine Fou

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Augustine Fou is an industry-recognized thought leader with over 25 years of management consulting and internet/digital strategy consulting experience, advising CMOs, marketing executives, and global brands. He has both client side (American Express) and agency side experience (McCann, Omnicom) and is an entrepreneur/small business owner. Dr. Fou is Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc. Dr. Fou is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU and Rutgers University, where he teaches courses on digital strategy and social media marketing to executive MBA students. He started his career with McKinsey & Company and earned his PhD in Materials Science from MIT at age 23.

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  • The Importance Of Context In Reporting Ad Fraud in Real-Time Daily on 04/17/2017

    Why is there rampant misunderstanding of ad fraud, even among participants in the digital ad-tech ecosystem? I think it's due to wildly differing numbers, conflicting reports, and lack of context in what people read about ad fraud.

  • Low-Tech Or No-Tech Ways to Fight Ad Fraud in Real-Time Daily on 04/12/2017

    Advertisers might think they need advanced technology solutions to detect and fight ad fraud. And yes, there are certain circumstances when attacks are so pernicious that advanced technology is needed. However, there are low-tech and no-tech tactics that advertisers can use to uncover and stop ad fraud that is still very widespread.

  • How Ad Fraud Messes Up Measurement in MediaDailyNews on 09/28/2016

    We have all heard of ad fraud. And we all probably also know that showing ads to bots -- non-human visitors -- is a waste of money. But what is less understood is how ad fraud can wreak havoc on analytics and measurement -- to the point that what you see in analytics is not what it seems.

  • How Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking And Viewability Are Interrelated in MediaDailyNews on 04/29/2016

    Higher average viewability could be a good thing. But if it is measured in isolation of measuring for fraud and bots, then it could also be misleading.

  • How Bots Take a Bite Out of Bottom Lines in Real-Time Daily on 05/07/2015

    By now, everyone is aware of the bot problem, also known as NHT (non-human traffic). Most also understand that bots can go to webpages to cause ad impressions to load and then click on the ads too. But probably fewer people are aware of the true extent to which bots are impacting the bottom lines of all the players involved in the digital advertising supply chain.

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  • My Past Is Prologue by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 03/27/2023)

    good. just keep that list to yourself, so you don't embarrass yourself again.

  • My Past Is Prologue by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 03/27/2023)

    first of all, this is not a list -- it's a dumb article that you wrote (rambling) your block list is perfectly fine, so I don't have to read more articles that are just regurgitated press releases with a few words changed or added. no. thank. you. P.S. you're on my block list too, to be doubly sure. 

  • My Past Is Prologue by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 03/27/2023)

    nope. I would absolutely NOT want to be on your list.  If you put me on the list, I would ask you to remove my name from the list. I know virtually all of the folks on the list. 

  • My Past Is Prologue by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 03/27/2023)

    so funny, Joe (per usual, though)

  • Trustworthy Accountability Group Rolls Out 'Transparency' Certification by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 11/03/2022)

    they "claim"

  • GroupM Unveils CTV 'Viewability' Initiative, Finds As Much As 10% Of Ads Delivered With TV 'Off' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/13/2022)

    Ed, they claimed this doesn't happen when the apps are installed on the TVs themselves. They assumed the apps were off when the TV was off. BUT ...not mobile ad fraud, for example, your smartphone screen is OFF, but the phone is still on and connected to the internetmobile apps have been documented to continuously load ads all night long. for example how many minutes do you use Loudest Alarm Clock app? That app alone is generating more ad impressions than ESPN, and nearly as many impressions as Hulu and Spotify.

  • Fou Me Twice, Shame On Me by Joe Mandese (Mobile Insider on 06/07/2022)

    there are specific contributors who write articles for mediapost that are responsible and credible; those articles are worth reading. your posts and those of your staff writers that are re-writes of ad tech press releases are NOT worth reading and those are the types of articles we are calling out. I am calling you out as editor-in-chief for not doing basic fact-checking on those posts. you keep telling people don't read mediapost if they disagree with it, instead of doing your damn job as editor and raising the standards, like doing some fact checking. If you even gut-checked the $120 billion of fraud, you'd realize it made no sense in the context of $189 billion in ad spending. You should have asked more questions before just publishing. The ANA is not a credible research organization, particularly on the topic of ad fraud.

  • Fou Me Twice, Shame On Me by Joe Mandese (Mobile Insider on 06/07/2022)

    good suggestion John, thank you

  • Fou Me Twice, Shame On Me by Joe Mandese (Mobile Insider on 06/07/2022)

    confirmed. I've got the receipts. And things are properly highlighted. 

  • Fou Me Twice, Shame On Me by Joe Mandese (Mobile Insider on 06/07/2022)

    I realize, but none of my previous 3 comments which you deleted had "hate speech, personal attacks, or inane, irrelevant or incomprehensible comments."  I have screne shots, in case any one else wants to see. 

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