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Glenn Hansen

Member since December 2001Contact Glenn

  • President & CEO BPA Worldwide
  • 2 Corporate Drive, 9th Fl
  • Shelton Connecticut
  • 06484 USA

audit of web traffic, and print media

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  • In Programmatic B2B, Opportunity Trumps Risk in Real-Time Daily on 10/17/2016

    Saying B2B publishers are skeptical of programmatic trading is an understatement. Many see programmatic advertising as a direct threat to their core business. They think it threatens the value of their premium inventory and requires a large scale - two conditions why B2B has been slow to adopt it. Others understand programmatic's evolving importance but believe the model is not the right fit for them. However, when executed within the security of a premium private marketplace (PMP), automation can deliver the efficiency that drives value for both the buyer and seller.

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  • Media 'Planning'? Really? by Dave Edelman (Marketing Daily on 12/01/2020)

    Where has the "schooling" on media planing gone?We have taken a first step working with Kevin Arsham of MediaCom to reintroduce it to the agency and in-house buying teams. It's complimentary and can be found here:

  • Who Should We Endorse And Why? by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 10/26/2020)

    I agree with Tom and Ed. Stick to your knitting. If there is an issue relative to our profession and the candidates have spoken out on it, then that is fair coverage. For example, imagine a proposed tax specific to online advertising...if candiates differed on points of view and MP wants to lean one way or the other...that would not offend me. Present the facts and express an opinion on which candidate would be best for the industry. But otherwise stay away.

  • Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Wall Myth by Fern Siegel (MediaDailyNews on 01/25/2019)

    I concur with William. This is the wrong channel for politics. I don't pay to go to a concert to hear the musician preach their political point of view and I am not interested in reading my "must read" trade press (compliment) to have the same.It's not that the Commentary doesn't matter, it does. I would prefer not to find it here.And these are my views, not that of my organization.

  • Digital Media Imperative: Stop Bot Fraud Before It Can Happen by Mike Donahue (MediaDailyNews on 05/30/2017)

    Mike: You are correct. This can be done. To safe guard advertisers, our not for profit built a marketplace in the B2B space.  Publishers provide proven audience. No invlaid traffic. We verify this is true. There are other differentiators we have added to provide advertisers brand safety.It will launch soon. Pubs are signing up now and onboarding inventory. It is the "B2B Media Exchange".

  • Omnicom's Annalect Unveils New Verification Program by Steve McClellan (MAD on 06/06/2014)

    Our Ad iCompli tool does this and more. It provides independent third party assurance from your industry not-for-profit. Give it a try.

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