• Ahead Of FDA, California Sets New Guidelines For Hemp CBD
    Bill mandates strict labeling of CBD products to ensure they contain no more than 0.3% of the psychoactive substance THC.
  • Energy Drinks Update: Red Bull, Monster Still Lead, C4 Partners With Starburst Candies
    Not even beverage giants Coke or Pepsi have been able to make the slightest dent in Red Bull's or Monster's early mover encampment.
  • Amid Headwinds, General Mills Leverages 'Connected Commerce'
    The brand defines "connected commerce" as a way to "build brands across both physical and digital worlds."
  • From Protein To Elderberries: Kids' Health In The Spotlight
    Sometimes a better-for-you product starts with a child and expands from there. Nutrition coach Erin Mann discovered the benefits of elderberry for her son Lucas and now sells 15 products under the Erin's Elderberries brand.
  • 'It's A Huge Deal': Cannabis Ad Platform Co-Founder On Apple's App Reversal
    In June, Apple changed its policy of banning apps that facilitated the sale of cannabis and other controlled substances.
  • Young Consumers Want More Low- Or No-Alcohol Beverages
    While alcohol sales increased in the spring of 2020 during the pandemic, "now, many consumers are adjusting their drinking habits," says a report.
  • Cold Is Hot In The Ever-Percolating Coffee Category
    Gen Z's preference for cold, ready-to-drink coffee posts a challenge to hot-brewed. The main reasons for choosing RTD are convenience and flavor.
  • From Hives To Whole Foods: Queen Bee Provides Immune Support, Helps Save Bees
    When COVID-19 disrupted the development of her company HiveGuard, Raina Jain pivoted to the CPG space. Queen Bee immune-support shots containing "royal jelly," are starting to see retail distribution.
  • Congress Seen As Fastest Route To CBD Expansion
    In the wake of the FDA's rejection of two recent CBD-based, dietary supplement applications, all eyes are on Congress and potentially groundbreaking bills.
  • Report: Product Attributes More Important Than Brand Names
    Hartman Senior Vice President Shelley Balanko explains why it's not just the biggest grocery retailers that can win in the private-label space.
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