• At Nexus of Plastic And Weirdness With Liquid Death Co-Founder Cessario
    Mike Cessario explains how to stand out in a category -- bottled water -- that "traditionally has just been very, very boring."
  • Consumer Brands' No. 1 Challenge? Complying With State Regulations
    Dealing with the "patchwork of state regulations becomes cost-prohibitive," says Consumer Brands Association's Katie Denis.
  • 'People Love To Share' Insights Via Mobile-Messaging: Reach3's Kleinschmit
    The founder and CEO of mobile messaging consultancy Reach3 says it's more effective to glean research insights from people via messaging platforms than email.
  • A Deceased Brand Icon + Social Media = Peanutiness
    Planters' strategists chose to kill a fictitious icon for the sheer publicity of it. And they got tons --- until unreality intruded.
  • Q&A: Stonyfield's Drociak On Social Influencers, Authenticity
    Organic yogurt marketer Stonyfield was early into the online influencer space, with an in-house effort that dates to 2009.
  • From Chocolate Hummus To Lobster Bisque: Walmart Excels In Private Label Awards
    PLMA director of retail trade relations Suzanne Caputo discusses some of the winning entries and what made them stand out.
  • From Turkey To America: Unilever's Miller Traces Arc Of Ruby Chocolate
    The pink, berry-flavored chocolate variant called Ruby is considered the world's fourth official iteration of chocolate (alongside white, dark and milk).
  • Disruption A Common Theme For Brands, Retailers In 2019
    One topic in many most-read stories: How legacy CPG brands can push back against small upstarts.
  • Roar Organic's Eric Berniker, One Year Into Brand Refresh
    Roar just introduced electrolyte powder sticks to supplement its ready-to-drink line, which "our consumer can take with them wherever they go."
  • Spotlight On Sugar And Its Myriad Substitutes
    Danone has readjusted its yogurt offerings in a balancing act to appeal to all tastes for sweetness.
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