• Coupons: Digital, Mobile Still Haven't Dethroned Print
    Use of digital, mobile is growing -- particularly among younger cohorts -- of course. But print volumes still dwarf digital, even though the number of print coupons distributed is dropping.
  • P&G's Disruptive Strategy Paying Dividends
    "Constructive disruption" -- including shift toward in-house ad creative -- is capstone of strategy finally moving the sales needle for P&G, according to COO.
  • Can CPG Brands Withstand the Escalating Online Private-Label Onslaught?
    In physical stores, private label product sales increased by $7.9 billion over the last three years, and now represent 17% of CPG sales.
  • Del Monte Foods Picks Organic Growth Over Acquisition
    CMO Bibie Wu reports a 25% YoY hike in Del Monte's marketing budget among the factors supporting a slew of new, non-canned products.
  • My/Mo's CMO On The Making Of A Disruptor Brand
    Among his tips: Leverage retailer data to understand your customers and their shopping habits, and adapt products and marketing accordingly.
  • General Mills' CEO Talks Innovation, Retail Change and Ecommerce
    Jeff Harmening is driving results with a stress on consumer marketing, as well as new products, portfolio change, and cross-channel distribution.
  • Amazon: CPGs Sort Through Metrics, Data Issues
    Tapping Amazon's potential requires sorting through its metrics and their relation -- or lack thereof -- to those of other new retail media platforms.
  • The Amazon Factor: The Push To Align CPG Shopper, Brand Marketing Teams
    Amazon strategy pros agree it's "beyond critical" to integrate marketing teams, other functions to optimize this complex, evolving platform.
  • Next-Gen Targeting Reinvents The CPG Launch Game
    51% of 2018's most successful launches came from small companies, but big CPG makers are learning to use AI, deeper insights for "smart launches."
  • The Tao Of Unilever, Part 2: Amazing AI Applications
    With a massive data hub and a digital army using AI to glean consumer insights, Unilever is hitting home runs with market-specific new products.
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