• Tsunami Of RTD Coffee Products Just Beginning
    According to Nielsen, dollars sales of RTD coffee products in the United States rose 16% in the 52-week period ended July 27.
  • Harry's Co-Founders Will Bring D2C Lessons To Edgewell Brands
    "Our opportunity is to think about how to reposition [Edgewell] brands to consumers," said Harry's co-founder Jeff Raider.
  • Vaping Criticism: Is It Warranted?
    Vaping was thought to be responsible for recently reported mysterious lung afflictions. But was nicotine vaping to blame? Cannabis? Both?
  • Food Leads The Way As Private Label Flourishes
    Brandless, the online startup that sells food and personal care products (many priced at $3), clearly has Amazon in its sights.
  • AB InBev Seeks Partners With Culture Fit, 'Premium, But Accessible'
    "There's no such thing as too small" a company to partner with, says head of company's Investment Unit.
  • As CPG Companies Reduce Packaging Waste, Recycling Lags
    "America's recycling systems are increasingly complicated," with the country recycling only 34% of its waste, according to a study by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.
  • Will M&M's Glampground Experience Pull Other CPGs Into The Tent?
    "Glamorous camping" is positioned as a means of getting away without having to sleep in a cheap tent.
  • CBD: Confusion, Bureaucracy, Delays
    Not a week goes by without another announcement of CBD being added to drinks, foods and topicals.
  • Kroger Flexes Data, Analytics Muscles To Bond With CPGs
    Kroger's 84.51 data intelligence unit launching sophisticated analytics tool designed to accelerate CPG sales growth through consumer insights.
  • Bic's Gender-Neutral, Amazon-Exclusive Razor Experiment
    Bic clearly believes the upsides of launching a potentially hit product through Amazon's Accelerator program outweigh any downsides.
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