Daily Online Examiner Editions for March 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 17, 2016
FTC Warns Mobile Developers About SilverPush Eavesdropping Software
Yahoo Email Privacy Settlement Moves Forward
Senate Holds Backpage.com In Contempt
IAB Talks About Consumers, But Doesn't Listen To Them
FCC Defends Muni-Broadband Order To Court
How The FTC (And Advertisers) Can Avoid Stifling Native Ad Innovation
Altitude Digital Adds DoubleVerify As Anti-Fraud Partner
T-Mobile Offers Free MLB.TV Sub To Attract Customers
NYT And BBC Hit By 'Ransomware,' Malvertising
Verizon Spends Freely--Too Freely?--On Go90 Launch
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 16, 2016
FCC Seeks To Protect Online Video In Charter-TWC Merger Conditions
Turn 'Supercookie' Battle Sent To Arbitration
Tennessee Votes Down Proposal To Expand Muni-Broadband
Will Google 360 Help Brands Better Understand Omnichannel?
Amazon Tries To Patent Selfie Sign-ins
Google, Facebook And Twitter Dominate Political Ad Budgets
Google Highlights Encryption Rates
Demographic Targeting Is Becoming Less Effective On Social Media
Why Instagram Is Right To Shove Its Algorithm Down Users' Throats
Ad Blocking And Viewability In Mobile Advertising: Help Or Hindrance?
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Comcast Brings Gigabit Service To Atlanta
Moody's: FCC Privacy Rules Pose Risk To Broadband Providers
Lord & Taylor Settles FTC Complaint Over Native Advertising, Instagram Campaign
Former Counter-Terrorism Chief Skeptical That FBI Needs Order Against Apple
Appeals Court Won't Revive Teens' Sex Trafficking Case Against Backpage
Google Adds Single Sign-On Solution Options
Ban On Drug Ads Could Have Some Negative Effects
Google Adds Encryption Requests To Transparency Report, Holds Itself Accountable
Responsible Measurement: Protect Your Customers And Your Brand
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 14, 2016
John Oliver Makes Apple's Case For Encryption
Shutterfly Wants 'Faceprint' Privacy Battle Sent To Arbitration
Justice Department Wants To Access WhatsApp Messages
Mediacom To Roll Out Gigabit Service
Expert Reveals Dark Side Of 'Dark Social,' Says Messaging Apps Enable Terrorist 'Command And Control'
U.S. Marketers Think Location Data Is Important, But Don't Trust It
Adblock Plus Users Get Error Message During YouTube Ads
Tech Giants Boosting Encryption Technology
Twitter Data Predicts Storm Damage Better Than FEMA Models
Google Warns Bloggers, Brands Of Tainted Posts
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, March 11, 2016
Twitter Urges Judge To Throw Out Lawsuit By Terrorist Victim's Widow
Google Readies Fiber Launch In Portland
Kids Don't Want Parents To Post Photos Of Them (Without Permission)
AT&T Won't Face Class-Action For Throttling Customers With 'Unlimited' Data
Cable Companies Will Raise Subscription Prices, If FCC Unlocks Set-Top Boxes
Can The Internet Ruin Your Life? New Syfy Series Says Yes
More Customer Data Expected From Connected Cars
Security Hole Found In Internet Of Things
Adblock Plus Hints At A New Plus For Publishers, Stops Short Of Revealing It
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 10, 2016
Broadband Providers Push Back Against Tough Privacy Proposal
FCC Chief Wants Broadband Providers To Obtain Consent For Ad Targeting
Obama Administration Unveils Plan To Expand Broadband
Ad Industry Launches Campaign Promoting AdChoices Icon
NC Republican Party Chair Claims He Was Sabotaged When His Email Was Shut Off by Party
IoT Poses Legal Challenges, Say Experts
White House Has Not Been Briefed on Clinton Email Scandal
Gawkward: Ex-Editor Says Sex Tapes With Kids 5+ OK (But Prob JK)
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Broadband Providers Can Learn Customers' Secrets, Despite Encryption
NYC Officials OK Charter's Merger With Time Warner Cable
50 Cent Must Explain Stacks Of Cash On Instagram
Supreme Court Won't Review Amazon Victory In Battle Over Search Results
Verizon Won't Offer Unlimited Data
Insider's Guide To New EU Data Regulations
Security, Privacy Seen As Major Challenges Around Wearables
Amsterdam Judge Orders Google To Reveal IP Addresses Of Fake Reviewers
Sophos Releases New Email Security Tool
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 8, 2016
FCC Urged To Curb 'Pervasive Tracking Practices'
FCC To Vote On Broadband Subsidy For Low Income Homes
The Streamers Fight For Position
Google Wants Supreme Court To Nix Class-Action Over 'Parked Domains'
ANA Backs Wireless Industry's Challenge To Mandatory Cell-Phone Radiation Warnings
Ads On Social Media Inspire A Variety Of Consumer Response
Prosecutors Press For Order Requiring Apple To Unlock iPhone In N.Y.
Deep Linking Customizes Search For Vehicle Shoppers On Facebook
AdWords Customer IDs For Targeting On Google Display Network
'New York Times' Limits Access for Some Ad-Blocking Visitors
Should You Check Email First Thing?
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 7, 2016
Comcast's Stream TV Service Draws Scrutiny
Will T-Mobile Exempt Facebook From Data Caps?
FCC Fines Verizon $1.35 Million For Broadband Privacy Violations
Supreme Court Won't Hear Apple E-Books Antitrust Appeal
Apple Macs Hit With Ransomware
Hulk Hogan Finally Gets Court Fight With Gawker Media
How The Internet Of Thing Could Be Fatal
US Bill Aims To Support IoT
Google Takedown Requests Skyrocketing
The One-Two-Three Sucker Punch That Is Killing Digital Media
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Broadband Providers Urge FCC To Avoid Curbs On Behavioral Targeting
Google Accused Of Violating Illinois Privacy Law By Compiling 'Faceprints'
Judge In Brazil Orders Facebook Exec Released
Carrier IQ $9 Million Privacy Settlement Moves Forward
Where Does The Data Go After A Presidential Campaign Is Suspended?
AT&T Readying Web-Based Streaming TV Service
TurboTax to Fight Back Against Spammers
As Ad Blockers Proliferate, IAB Chief Tells Local Publishers To Stick To Their Guns
Gawker Gets A Union
Ad Blocking Gathers Strength In Unknown Numbers
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