Email Marketing Daily Editions for June 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 16, 2016
Getting Personalization Wrong: An Email Marketer's Worst Nightmare
Vidyard Brings Video To Email
University of Illinois Experiences Email Outage
IBM Australian Disagrees With Its Own Data Breach Study
VerticalScope Hack Exposes 45M Passwords
IBM Study Finds Data Breach on the Rise
U.S. Companies Lost $960M to Email Scams in Last Three Years
'Spam King' Gets 30 Months In Prison
'It's IT's Fault'
AOL Promotes Tim Mahlman To President, AOL Platforms
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Are Father's Day-Themed Campaigns Successful?
DNC Servers & Email System Hacked
Verizon Fixes Email System Exposure
The $3 Billion Email Scam
Japanese Travel Agency Data Breach Exposes Data on 8M Customers
CEO Spam Up 50% Over Last 10 Months
Colin Powell Also Used Personal Email System at the State Department
DMA 'New Rules Of Engagement' Research Finds Email Relevancy Trumps Personalisation
How Email Is Turning Lookers Into Bookers
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Security Concerns Mount Over LinkedIn Acquisition
Trump Faces His Own Email Scandal
AdRoll Drives Email Business Through Personalization
LinkedIn CEO's Email to Employees About Acquisition
Google Pushes Online Strategies Into Stores Through Beacons, Few Retailers Ready
New Zealand Bank Warns of Email Scam
Net Neutrality Rules Upheld By Appeals Court
HealthiNation Grew Email List by 68% Giving Away E-Book
Illinois AG Warns of Email Scam
Data, CRM And Native Are The Drivers As LinkedIn And Microsoft Announce Wedding Plans
Can Stories Make Us Better?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 13, 2016
BuzzFeed Ramps Up Email To Provide Targeted, Relevant Content
Let's Encrypt Exposes User Data in Mailing Mistake
Email Marketing Is Mobile -- Why Aren't Your Messages?
DMARC Changes Coming Soon To An Inbox Near You
Adobe Will Soon Offer Automated Subject Line Tool
Microsoft Bing Ads Finds Opportunities In LinkedIn Social Data, AI
WikiLeaks Plans To Release More Clinton Emails
Internet Meme Could Have Led to Clinton Email Inquiry
Ads Seem Just As Irritating On Mobile Devices
Can Sending Longer Emails Lead to Inbox Zero?
Quora Users Discuss If Email Will Ever be Replaced
Episerver Launches A/B Testing Feature
Personalise, Segment And Geotarget To Avoid Poor ROI In Email
Criminals Becoming More Sophisticated In Intercepting Emails To Steal Huge Sums
Football Agents' Union Apologises For EU Email Mistake
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 10, 2016
Email Privacy Bill Hits Roadblock
Wanna Know How Not To Do Email? Jawbone Will Show You In Just Three Words
Clinton's Success Tied To Email
Jawbone Upsets Customers With Father's Day Email
Cable Companies Accused Of Violating Customers' Privacy
Hillary Tweets Trump: 'Delete Your Account'
FBI Goes After One of Worst Spammers in the World
Office Leg Shaving Reminder Email Blasted As Sexist
Bereaved Customers Slam Jawbone Father's Day Email
Neuromarketing Tips Can Help Improve Your Email Marketing
How To Avoid Spam Filters And Not Annoy Email Recipients
ICO Fines Welsh Police GBP150k For Sex Offender Email Mistake
What Will Sanders Do With His Heaps Of Data?
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 9, 2016
Adding Value To Email With Music
Let's Give Our Obsession With Send Time A Send-Off
IAB Reports Record-Setting Q1 Revenue Of Nearly $16 Billion
Mobile Drives In-Store Sales
Time Inc. Teams Wochit To Create More Video Content
French Startup Improves Productivity by Dropping Email
Clinton Leads In Ad Reach Cross-Platform, But Trump Is Catching Up
BlackBerry Brings More Security to Files Sent Via Email
Sanders Campaign Email: The Struggle Continues
Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider Email Privacy Bill
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Senate Delays Email Privacy Bill, Tech Industry Fights Back
FTC Goes After Weight Loss Spammers
Blueshift Launches Personalization Studio
FBI Gives Judge Second Glimpse at Clinton Email Suit
Movable Ink Releases Behavioral Apps For Contextual Email Marketing
PayPal Spoofed in New Spam Email
Nudgemail Lets Users Hit Snooze on Important Emails
Irish Start-Up Lets Recipients Grade Email Senders
Halfords Uses E-Receipts To Personalise Email Marketing
5 Reasons Why Your CRM Might Not Be Increasing Sales
The Art Of The Resend
Signal Closes $30 Million Funding Round
Keurig Yanks Kold Machines, Vows To Continue 'Reimagining'
E-Receipts: Deeper Cross-Channel Insight, Better Customer Service -- What's Not To Like?
That's The Spirit!
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Clinton Campaign Email Hints at Secret Win
Hiri Wants Professionals to Improve How They Use Email
Nudgemail Lets Users Hit Snooze on Important Emails
Trump Talks Clinton Email Server on Face the Nation
Email Marketing Success Driven By Data
Android Users Seek Class-Action Status In Privacy Battle Over App Purchases
Pelosi To Vote For Clinton In California
Marketers Are Deluged With Data; Customers Shouldn't Be
Universal ID: Your email just isn't enough for marketing
A YouTube Alternative: Be Your Own Boss
The Dead Great Grandmother Email Marketing Campaign
Using Negative Space: In Email Marketing, It Could Be A Negative
The Art Of The Resend
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 6, 2016
Dormify Sees 92% Increase in Revenue from Email Through Optimization
Hacker Tries to Sell Login Data For Russian Social Network On Dark Web
Data Breaches Are on the Rise
Romanian Startup Launches Email Marketing Service
FTC: Weight-Loss Marketers Sent Spam From Hacked Accounts
Shark Tank-less: Colin Gives Summit Attendees The Spa Treatment
How Email Factors Into Big Changes At Angie's List
How The Shift To Mar-Tech is Enabling The Rise Of Cross-Channel Strategists
Why Sirius XM Radio Lives In Big Data Darkness
How A Faith-Based Dating Platform Lost, Then Regained Its Faith - In Data
'BuzzFeed' Dumps Trump Ads
My Coffee Maker Unfriended Me
Women Are Driving Mobile-First Email Marketing
Bluecore Extends Marketing Personalization Across Channels
Email Success Comes From Being Clear And Specific
DEG Lands Email Marketing AOR For AMC Theaters
For Email Marketers, 'The Elephant Can Be Eaten One Bite At A Time'
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 3, 2016
MailChimp Delivers Predictive AI To SMBs
Australian Security Researchers Discover Ransomware Spam in Circulation
Personalise The Next Customer Interaction, Not Just The Subject Line
Morning Mail Aims to be Tinder for Email
Silicon Valley Says Broadband Privacy Rules Shouldn't Apply To Web Companies
Australian Government Exposes All-Women Email List
Susan Sarandon Thinks Clinton Will Be Indicted Over Email
Microsoft Release Email & Calendar App for HoloLens
Hotmail And Outlook Hit With Spam Issues
UK Prime Minister's Office Leaks Email Details
Email Tactics All Marketers Can Learn From
Microsoft Premieres Holographic Emails
Conde Nast Taps Lumsden As 'Scene' Digital Director, Focuses On Video, Original Programming
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