EU Email Marketing Daily Editions for August 2016
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016
Wanna Push Up Conversions? Try Being A Weekend Wonder
Are Weekends The Secret Ingredient For Email Marketing?
In Subject Lines Every Word Counts
Email Trackers Used For Phishing
Click! Now What Happens? Optimizing Email, Site Experience
24% of Q216 Emails Sent by Brands Never Made it to the Inbox
20% of Brand Emails Are Sent on Thursdays
POS Email Opt-In Has Higher Engagement: Experian
Yahoo Email Privacy Settlement Gains Final Approval
BBC Investigators Caught Reading Employee Emails
Friends & Strangers Interpret Email Tone the Same
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 12, 2016
Are Your Subject Lines Too Simple?
How To Engage Millennials On Email
Research Shows Simple Subject Lines Are Not Always Winners
How Retailers Can Drive ROI Through Email
Hilton's IT Team Tricked By Their Own Email
New Google Email Protection Announced
Act-On Software Unveils Social Platform, Integrates With Email
Boomtrain Acquires Nudgespot, Launches Boomtrain Messenger
Engagement Rate Heralds Next Era Of Email Metrics
Deliverability: The More Things Change, More They Stay the Same
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016
Wanna Engage Over Mobile Email? Then You Have To Start Mattering
Google's Inbox App Now Supports Trello & GitHub
SMBs Cite Email Marketing as Key Tech Tool
Have You Tried Resending Unopened Emails?
Use Content On Social To Grow Email Lists
Why It's OK To Keep On Emailing Over Summer
How To Get Auto Responders Right
Yahoo's Latest Patent Allows Company to Deliver Emails Before They Are Sent
Even Experts Can be Tricked by Spam Emails
Oracle And DigitasLBI Partner, Create Agency To Support Cloud Services
Email Is Mobile?
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 8, 2016
Why Using NUMBERS And Capitals Is A Subject Winner
Subject Line Research Predicts Winning Words
Email Is Still A Vital Demand Generation Tool
Mcommerce Makes Abandonment Retargeting Emails Critical
Emails Shows How UK Academics Are Being Snubbed Post-Brexit Vote
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 5, 2016
2 In 3 May Delete This, 1 In 3 Will Learn Something Useful
The How, What And Why Of Sharing Data With The U.S.
UK Inbox Placement Rate Beats Global Average, US Lags Behind
London Marketers Pass On Automated Email Advice
Tips On Making A Good First Impression
Batch And Blast Emails Will Turn Customers Away
Norwegian Tourist Arrested in Maine Over Email Threats to Police
Zeta Interactive Acquires Acxiom Impact, Strengthens Cloud, CRM, Email Marketing
Mass Mandrill Exodus After Paid Service Kicks In
It's Time You Show How Valuable You Are
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016
Want Second-Screen Context? Separate Personal And Work To Sell Without The Burnout
Satisfaction The Highest Rating Among Email Marketing Agencies
Regardless Of Brexit, GDPR Will Turn Permission On Its Head
Email Marketers Can Protect Their Brands From Data Hacks
After Work Email Checking Causing Staff Burnout
Benefits Of Email Versus Social
Nigerian Lynchpin Email Scammer Arrested
Why Is Junk Email Still A Thing?
Advertising Association Downgrades UK Ad Growth
SnapChat & Seagate Technologies Victims of CEO Spam
DCCC Hackers Used Clone Sites
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 1, 2016
Segmentation -- Show Them What They Want, Not Just What You've Got
Segmentation Tops Email Marketers' Wish List
Press Regulator Reveals Names Of Those Who Complained Over Kelvin Mackenzie's Hijab Slur
Segmentation Is The First Step To Personalisation
SwiftKey Issue With Other Users' Email Addresses Investigated
Optimising And Testing Are Key To Better Email Performance