Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for October 2020
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Oct. 26, 2020
Quip Expands With Move To Walmart, More Products
Apparel, Wellness Still Dominate D2C Intentions
Start-Up Proudly Sells Product To Throw Out In A Few Weeks
Let Your Fingers Do The Shopping: The Online Holiday Outlook
Cart Abandonment And Personalization Drive High Email Benchmarks: Study
COVID-19 Drives Decline In Customer Preference For Email: Study
Digital Use Is On The Rise, But Hurdles Remain, Tech Execs Say
The Pandemic Jury: Email Marketers Weigh In On New And Old Tools
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Oct. 19, 2020
Bra-less Forever? Frankly Targets New Fashion Angle
NAD's Brett: Chasing Direct Sellers' COVID-19 Product Claims
Prime Day Cometh, Scrambling Holiday Forecasts
Keeping Shoppers In The Know: Demand Is High For Delivery And Return Alerts
Purple's Alchemy
The Lump Of Coal This Christmas: Consumer Fraud
My Mobile: Consumers Accept Data Use For Personalized Ads, Emails On Phones
Email Tsunami: Inboxes Will Be Crammed During The Election And Holidays
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Oct. 12, 2020
Will Consumers Fall Back In Love With DNA Testing?
Prime Day Cometh, Scrambling Holiday Forecasts
Personal Hygiene Brand PiperWai Sees Oceans Of Opportunity In Recycled Plastic
Email Still Used For Customer Service By Most Firms, But Patterns Are Changing: Study
Amazon Prime Day Seems Set For A Bonanza, But 46% Plan To Skip It, Study Says
D2C Brand Native Heads To Retail With Support From New Ad Campaign
Where's The Christmas In Emails? Retailers Forgot Holidays And Personalization Last Month
Group Nine Launches Performance-Marketing Solution For D2C Brands
Shopping With Feeling: Consumers Demand Empathy From Brands During Buildup To Holidays
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Oct. 5, 2020
Bloomscape Readies Move Into Outdoor Plants
Target, Walmart Look To Poach From Prime
Priming The Holidays: Amazon Moves Sales Blast To October, And Everyone Else Must Adapt
Boomers Plan To Buy More Online, Study Says
Research: New Urgency Of Purpose
Conversion Therapy: Firms Struggle To Get Leads Through The Funnel
Holiday 2020: Smaller Spend, Unpredictable -- And Maybe More Human
The 700 Million-Package Pileup: Online Holiday Shopping Surge Means Stress On System, Salesforce Predicts
Chase's Marriott Card Partners With HelloFresh
Amazon Offers Whole Foods-Prime Day Deal
Jonathan Adler Uses Email Personalization To Improve Conversion Rate