Marketing Politics Daily Editions for May 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, May 31, 2016
2016: Disliked Candidates, Half-Truths Election
Appeals Court Sides With Delta In Battle Over App Privacy
Trump: There Is No Drought In California
Philadelphia Focuses On History
Rubio Ready To Support Trump
NRA's Ad Campaign Takes Strong Stance
Chamber Of Commerce Campaigns For GOP To Retain Senate
Sanders Takes a Swing at Clinton's Email Server
Senate Delays Email Privacy Bill Vote
Newspaper Association Of America Asks FTC To Probe Ad Blocking Companies
Silence = Death
Boomers 35% Of Voters In 2016 Presidential Election
EU Tightens Hate Speech Rules
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, May 27, 2016
Clinton's Ad Strategy Begins By Attacking Trump's Treatment Of Women
Clinton Ahead Of Trump Among Middle-Income Rust Belt Voters
6 in 10 Americans Get News From Social Media
Trump Plans To Focus On 15 States In General Election
Teens And Guns
Clinton Defends Use of Private Email Server
Misogyny Rampant Online, Study Finds
Brexit Debate Not Impacting Consumer Confidence
Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Tough Broadband Privacy Rules
Bush Email Hacker Sentenced
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, May 26, 2016
Unpredictability Of Trump Reflected In Campaign Disorder
Possibility Of Sanders-Trump Debate Discussed
Sanders, Clinton Ads Hit Airwaves As California Primary Looms
Trump Reaches 1,237 Delegates Needed To Secure Nomination
Trump Spokeswoman Sends Campaign Plans to Reporter Instead of Adviser
Apple & Facebook Urge Congress to Pass Email Privacy Bill
Brexit Campaign Group Takes on Competing Group in Email Push
'Atlantic' Plans Convention Events, Political Coverage
Tapping Into Electorate That's 'Mad As Hell'
FTC To Examine Privacy Policies, AdChoices Icon
The Social And Mobile World Of Hispanic Millennials
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Brand Identity: Marketing Political Slogans That Rally Voters
State Dept Report Claims Clinton Violated Records Policies
Facebook Investigation Finds Potential For Media Bias
Facebook Changes Its Rules For Trending Topics Following Review
Silicon Valley Protests 'Zero-Rating' Schemes, Calls For New FCC Rules
California Sues Johnson & Johnson Over Ads
Tackling The Transparency Challenge
Netflix, Amazon Subject To EU Quotas, Investments
France Takes Steps to Improve Work Life By Shutting Down After Work Email
Ecuadorian Regime No Fan Of Free Speech
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Online Poll Points To Potentially Huge Voter Turnout In November
RNC Reserves $150 Million In Digital Ad Buys
Sens. Cruz, Rubio Fight For U.S. Control Of Web
First RNC-Trump Fundraiser To Be Held In Albuquerque
Voter Intelligence In 2016: Data Science Is The New Baby Kissing
Facebook Denies New Bias, Updates Guidelines To Its News Reviewers
Consumer Watchdog Creates Email Database in California
Frontier Says Lawsuit Over Slow Broadband Belongs In Arbitration
Marketing To Women: You Can't Afford Not To
Advertisers Slam 'Flawed' Set-Top Box Proposal
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, May 23, 2016
No More Gun-Free Zones, Except In My House
Resistance From Key GOP Donors Over Donald Trump
Sex And The Smoking Gun
Sanders Would Get Rid Of Wasserman-Schultz If He Were President
British Labour Party Criticised Over 'Firstname' Personalisation
Polls Show Clinton-Trump Race Close, 47% Don't Like Either
How Journalists Pick And Choose
Research Shows Nationals Coverage Favours Brexit
National TV Prices Firm Up, Reflect Tightening Of Scatter Market
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, May 20, 2016
The Trump Choice: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet
Big Data Could Impact the Trump-Clinton Election
Bernie Sanders Donors Are Violating Federal Limits
Blocking, Churning, Baiting, & Wrestling: Can We Make It Until November?
Polls Improving For Trump Amid Democratic Infighting
If Politics Is Hurting Your Advertising, New Video Formats Can Help
Bernie Sanders Agrees To Fox News Debate
French Censorship Order Appealed By Google
Biden: No "Fundamental Split" In Democratic Party
Chinese Government Posts Half A Billion Fake Comments Per Year
Anti-Fracking Campaigners Accused Of Email Hacking
Google Challenges Illinois 'Faceprint' Law
Alabama Governor Used Private Email for Official Business
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, May 19, 2016
Clinton, Sanders Lead Trump In Electoral Engagement Poll
Pro-Clinton Super PAC Releases Anti-Trump Ads
Nobody Really Cared About Megyn Kelly's Sit-Down With Trump
Trump's 11 Potential Supreme Court Nominees
U.N. Humanitarian Campaign Puts Heat On Member Nations
Cordial Meeting At Facebook Between Zuckerberg, Conservative Leaders
Gitmo Gets Its Own Magazine
Marketers Will Be Voting To Remain In The EU
Broadband Privacy Proposal Moving Too Fast, Regulator Says
Electoral Commission Launches Registration Campaign For Referendum
Vietnamese Government Shuts Down Facebook
Google Makes Final Pitch To Supreme Court Over Pay-Per-Click Class Action
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Is It Time For Sanders To Throw In The Towel?
Sports, Music, Presidential Politics Generate Strong Impressions
Rubio Vents On Twitter
GOP, Trump Finalize Fundraising Plan
Clinton Edges Out Win In Kentucky, Sanders Picks Up Oregon
What Millennials Really Want
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Radio Has Key Role in 2016 Election
Koch Network To Spend $42 Million On Senate Races
Cranston Goes 'All The Way' With LBJ, But Will You?
Trump Bolsters Campaign Team With Pollster Hire
Feds Bow Social Screening For Security Clearances
Hillary Touts President Bill Clinton's Success Energizing Economy
Times Like These Deserve . . . Empathy
Judicial Watch Wants To Interview Clinton Over Email Use
America: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Bud?
Cable Lobbyist Criticizes 'Relentless Regulatory Assault' By FCC
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