Marketing Politics Daily Editions for August 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016
New Poll Shows Trump With 0% Support Among African Americans
Why Clinton Doesn't Need To Hold A Press Conference
Rubio, McCain, Wasserman Schultz Win Respective Primaries
Trump To Visit Mexico, Meet With President Pena Nieto
State Department Reveals Benghazi Emails Among FBI's Latest Investigation Into Clinton Server
House Republican Campaigns Request Email Constituent Lists
USDA Shut Down Over Email Threats
Confidence Bounces Back After Brexit Poll Shock
Apple Welcome To Set Up In Britain, Downing Street Says
FTC Urged To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Data With Facebook
Google Defaults To EU-US Privacy Framework, Launches Analytics Collaborative Workspaces
DMA Wants Supreme Court To Nix Colorado's 'Amazon Tax'
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016
Anti-Clinton Spots Lead In Volume Among Negative Ads
President Obama Edits November Issue Of 'Wired,' Departs From Standard Format
25-Year-Old Siphons $1 Million From Trump Supporters Through Fundraising Scam
Cable News Records Strong August
Hackers Breach Election Systems In Illinois And Arizona
Microsoft Attacks Hate Speech On Its Sites
Megyn Kelly A 'Traitor,' Facebook Trending Topics Says, Briefly
Sanders Will Use Email List to Campaign for Progressives in Senate
FCC Won't Appeal Court Decision To Reinstate Muni-Broadband Restrictions
EU Copyright Reforms Could Force Google To Pay For News
'NY Post' Catches Hell For Publishing Weiner Sext
That Crazy Canadian Agency Is at It Again, This Time Pitching Both Clinton And Trump Campaigns
Newspapers Still Tops For Local News
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Aug. 29, 2016
Trump: The Non-Pivot Pivot
Kantar Media Names Passwaiter To Head Political Unit
Donald Trump Launches New $10 Million Ad Buy
Study Finds Third Of Native Ads Fail To Comply, Perform Better Than Fed Guidelines
Clinton Buries Trump In Negative Advertising, Frames Trump Conversation
Trump To Make Foray Into Black Churches With Detroit Visit
California May Legalize Ballot Selfies
Internet Cos. May Have To Pay Publishers For News Under New EU Rules
Time For The FTC Crackdown
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Aug. 26, 2016
Trump's Digital Game Begins, Clinton Campaign Among Most Digitally Sophisticated
Political Spending On Snapchat Rises
All Trump, All The Time: Watching TV With Hillary Clinton
Gary Johnson Super PAC Ads Hit The Air
You Hate Me, You Really Hate Me
Chelsea Clinton Plans To Stay On Board Of Clinton Foundation
Privacy Advocates Prep FTC Complaint Against WhatsApp
Gowdy Says Clinton Wiped Servers Clean
TV Viewers Need Time To Adjust To Changing Brand Images
State Department Must Turn Over All Clinton Emails Related to Benghazi
Maytag Looks To Clean Up Politics
Snapchat Wants Privacy Case Sent To Arbitration
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016
Drudge Becomes Second-Largest U.S. Publisher, 'FiveThirtyEight' And 'YoungCons' Soar In Page Views
Y&R Wins A Big One: $415 Million Census 2020 Contract
Nigel Farage Appears With Donald Trump In Mississippi
Appellate Court To Consider Reviving Turn 'Supercookie' Battle
Attendees To Latest Clinton California Fundraiser Pay $200,000
Eric Trump Thinks It "Foolish" For His Father To Release Tax Returns
Trump Rally Names Unsecured WiFi 'Clinton Email Server'
Seth Meyers Teases Clinton For Not Cleaning Her Inbox
California Bill Could Require Email for Sex Offender List
FBI Investigates Email Breach at NY Times
Lawmaker Wants Facebook To Enforce Gun Sales Ban
FTC Chairwoman Tells Ad Networks: Respect Consumers' Choices
The Obsolete Hispanic Ad Agency
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016
Pro-Clinton Groups Launch Native Ads On 'BuzzFeed,' Target Millennial Women
Digital Rights Groups Blast Ruling That Could Criminalize Password Sharing
Trump Nearly Quintuples Rent On His Own Campaign's Offices
Criteo Finds Brand Support In Lawsuit Against SteelHouse Click Fraud Case
Army Training Document Used Clinton As 'Insider' Threat Risk
Trump Signals Possible Softening Of Immigration Stance
WikiLeaks Compromised Privacy Of 'Hundreds Of Innocent People'
The Clinton Body Count In Search Results
Melania Trump Threatens News Pubs With Legal Action
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016
Bannon Joins Trump To Plot Overthrow Of Washington Establishment
Melania Trump's Lawyer Threatening Defamation Suits Against New Outlets
Clinton Plans To Address Trump, 'Alt-Right' In Nevada
Trump Campaign Cancels Numerous Events In August, Still Attends Fundraisers
Social Giants Challenge Obama On Privacy-Invading Proposal
Congressional Republicans Subpoena Companies Clinton Used to Build & Run Email Server
Seattle Transit Agency Shares 173K Email Addresses With Political Group
Appeals Court Blocks Senate Subpoena To
Clinton Spends Big On Rio Olympics
Chipotle's Social Media Policy Violated Law, Says NLRB
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Aug. 22, 2016
The 3 Phases Of The Donald Trump Campaign
Demand-Side Targeted TV Developer Centriply To License Its Data: Eyes Political, Studios, Hedge Funds
Clinton Campaign Reserves Another $80 Million In TV Advertising
New Trump Media Hires: For Long-Term, To Start Up Cable News Network?
Bud Light Brings Back Schumer, Rogen
RNC Raises $27.7 Million In July
Citizens Disunited
Watchdog Refers Sprint To FCC Over Ads
Spending On Presidential Election Down 60% From 2012
Why CA's API Management Tool Powers CNN Election App
Colin Powell Responds to Clinton's Assertion That He Advised Her to Use Private Email
TV Stations' Political Ad Revenue Goals: Now Playing Catch-Up
Even Robert Smigel Can't Believe That Trump Focus Group
UK Newspapers Threatened With Ad Boycott Over Anti-Immigrant Stance
Net Neutrality Advocate Tim Wu Joins White House
Wireless Carriers Press FCC To Allow 'Pay-For-Privacy' Schemes
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Aug. 19, 2016
Trump Campaign Makes $4 Million TV Ad Buy, First Of General Election
Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort Resigns
Ivanka Trump's Brother-In-Law Will Not Vote For Trump
Trump Surprises Many By Expressing 'Regret' During Campaign Speech
Clinton, Trump To Attend Commander-In-Chief Forum In September
Clinton Told FBI That Colin Powell Suggested Private Email Account
Hackers Target .Gov Email Addresses
U.S. Cedes Power Over Domain Naming System
Google Loses Early Round In Email Privacy Battle
"Trump News" Online? Why Not?
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016
Radio Enjoys Highest Reach Among Independents In Swing States
Roger Ailes To Consult Trump On Debate Prep
The Youth Vote
Ivanka Trump Buys Jewelry From Brand That Donated To Clinton Campaign
California Bill Would Let Actors Censor Amazon-Owned Site
Third-Party Candidates Making Noise On Social Media
Google Bows State-Specific Voting Guide
Appeals Court Revives Wiretapping Claim Against WebWatcher
CNN Politics Launches Mobile App
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