• Are Igloos The New Walled Gardens?
    That's the language the "Keeping Pace With Facebook" panel at OMMA Social has been using this morning to describe the vexing problem of digital media platforms that are both providing and audience and measuring their delivery. "It's not just Facebook," Lora Stock, Group Director Social and Content Strategy, Campbell Ewald, said, "it's social media channels in general." "It really underscores the need to have third parties," Joey-Lyn Addesa, Senior Director, Strategy at Mindshare said, citing her agency's use of third-party data to check on the delivery: "So you don't have publishers essentially grading their own homework."
  • Why VR Is Like The Sistine Chapel
    Virtual reality technologies maybe getting, well, more realistic, but VR experiences have been around as long people have been using media. One of the best earliest examples, according to SapientNitro Brand and Digital Strategy Director Daniela Lobo, suggests is Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. "To me, VR is a new medium of immersive experiences," Lobo said during the opening panel of OMMA VR/AR in New York this afternoon. She said they are immersive, because they are able to "create feelings." "An analogy is the Sistine Chapel," she said, noting how Michelangelo's frescos create a new kind of immersive reality that triggered feelings …
  • Alexa, How Do I Go Viral?
    To illustrate just how different the next generation of media consumers truly are, Twitter Head of Agency Sales David Roter offered a personal anecdote involving his children, a four-year-old and a six-year-old, who produce and post videos online each day. That's not the game-changing part, Roter told the OMMA Video "Social Media Gains" panel attendees this morning, it's that, "Every day they're asking if their videos went viral." The fact that four- and six-year-olds are that marketing and media metric savvy is telling, but even more telling is what Roter shared next. Recently, one of his children said she didn't …
  • Attribution Pros: Modeling Is For The Birds
    On the topic of attribution, marketing mix modeling didn't get much love from the pros at OMMA Programmatic, on Tuesday. "For traditional marketers, you might be temped to try to measuring programmatic with media mix modeling [but] this is not TV," said Tyler Pietz, VP of Programmatic Strategy at Cadreon
  • Media Researchers May Need To Onboard Privacy Controls To Avoid Matching Respondent Identities
    An unintended consequence of the consumer data privacy discussion is that it's beginning to raise questions for some of the oldest and most established collectors of consumer information: marketing and media research companies. While those companies historically have utilized opt-in panels and rarely if ever disclose the actual identities of their respondents, the way the industry is beginning to correlate user behaviors is beginning to raise privacy issues for the biggest researchers.
  • Anheuser-Busch Exec Dishes On Dream DMP
    What would Anheuser-Busch InBev change about its DMP? (It's Krux, if you're curious.) For starters, more second-party data would be nice, says Jonny Silberman, Director of Innovation & Strategy at Anheuser-Busch InBev.
  • Programmatic Ad Prices Are Indeed Rising
    As the demand for quality programmatic inventory exceeds supply, the price advertisers are paying for this inventory is rising, panelists at OMMA Programmatic agree. "The upward trend in prices will absolutely continue," says Michael Moreau, COO of Link's Data Cloud.
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