• Lou Paskalis And The Modalities Of Real-Time Marketing
    A byproduct of the always-on world of digital media is that marketing is finally catching up with the "real world." Think about that for a moment. Or, as Bank of America Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Planning, Investment and Measurement Lou Paskalis put it, "Life is real time." That may seem obvious to some folks, but it's actually a remarkable insight for one of the world's biggest brand marketers to acknowledge on stage during one of the ad industry's preeminent events: Advertising Week.
  • Video Poised For Better Analytics, Higher Ad Rates
    How do you become a video-first business? Make lots of video. At least that was the answer panelists gave during an Advertising Week panel on Thursday. The bigger issues, they said, concern technology and data -- including what platforms video publishers use to distribute, what data they use to analyze and optimize, and what revenue models they use to ensure a meaningful return on those investments.
  • Advertising Week Launches 'Great Minds Think Unalike' Campaign
    Advertising Week has unveiled a new ad campaign promoting its mission on the eve of its annual week-long New York conference next week.
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