• Snapchat Embraces Narcissism With Latest Cannes Activation
    CANNES, FRANCE--This year, the social media brand partnered with Los Angeles-based artist Alex Israel for a superficial, but totally-LA experience combining the physical with the digital.
  • Cannes Conversation: IPG's Engelgau Supports GDPR-Type Rules For The U.S.
    CANNES, FRANCE--Now that he has a larger platform at the holding company, Engelgau is eager to serve as an industry leader to advocate for federal standards tracking privacy.
  • Cannes Conversation: Live Nation's Kevin Chernett
    Two in three (66%) music fans want their experiences to blend the physical and digital life. This ends up being what the brand can do to bridge those two worlds, says Chernett.
  • Cannes Conversation: 'Don't Call Us An Agency' Says IBM iX's Candy
    CANNES, FRANCE--His company prefers to define itself as a design organization because creative and design elevate the topic to a broader conversation.
  • Cannes Conversation: Marobella Explains Annex's Evolving Mission
    CANNES, FRANCE--Havas has acquired L.A. agency Battery, which is being placed in the growing Annex unit, a sub-agency brand that is expanding nationally and internationally.
  • Nixed Nix Appearance At Cannes Sparks Mixed Reactions
    CANNES, FRANCE--Cambridge Analytica founder Alexander Nix abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance at the Cannes Lions festival. Some applauded, but many didn't know he set to appear in the first place.
  • Why Audience Measurement Change Is So Difficult
    CANNES, FRANCE--There is an uprising bubbling from the French Riviera as media buyers say the industry has finally reached a tipping point in demands for improved techniques for measuring audiences for video content across different channels.
  • Cannes Conversation: One-on-One With Dani Benowitz
    CANNES, FRANCE--Two months after IPG promoted Dani Benowitz to U.S. President of Magna, the IPG Mediabrands investment and intelligence division, she is still juggling two jobs.
  • Ad Execs Bemoan Addressable TV's Progress, Say Legacy Thinking Persists
    CANNES, FRANCE -- Addressable TV is projected to transform buying and selling across media channels, but ad execs discussing it here mainly expressed their frustrations over the slow pace of progress. Additionally, panelists during a Cannes Media Lions aboard the VideoAmp yacht here said advertisers are scared of transitioning away from the tried-and-true media options, because those are the only universally agreed upon formats, regardless of their effectiveness.
  • And Now, A Commercial Break
    Strong work, weak industry. With the Cannes Lions International Festivity of Creativity under way this week, many of the world's creative and media agencies will deservedly receive accolades. However, it will be difficult to not notice the contrast between the high quality of the work on display against the weak business conditions of the industry which produced it.
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