Online Media Daily Editions for June 2009
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Don't Lose Faith In The Click
'Twilight' Sinks Fangs Into iPhone
37 Sites Ready To Implement OPA's Bigger, Badder Ad Formats
Microsoft Silverlight For Xbox Live Eases Creative Across Platforms
TechCrunch Taps Contendo For Content Delivery
EZTarget Goes After Hispanic Target
Study: IPTV Could Eclipse Broadcast Sooner Than Expected
Customer Feedback Tool Integrates Google Analytics Data
Barnes & Noble Launches iPhone App
Supreme Court Backs Obama Up; Declines To Review DVR Decision
ScanScout Launches CPE Ad Units
Facebook Names Ex-Genentech Exec New CFO
Digitalsmiths Intros MetaData System
Quantcast Hits Target Marketers With Media Program
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 29, 2009
MJ Breaks Final Record
Gigya Offers Social Add-On For WordPress
The Twitter Revolution For Business May Not Be Televised
Google Tries Hand At Targeting Consumers With Good Credit
Microsoft Sale Of Razorfish Will Alter Digital Bragging Rights On Madison Avenue
And the Emmys Go To Mochila
Nielsen: Iran Election 'Watershed Moment' For News, Media
Zango Loses Legal Battle With Anti-Spyware Company
News Corp. Kicks Photobucket
Nokeena Secures $6.5 Million To Make Video Smoother
Court: Posting Medical Info On MySpace Violates Privacy
EA Develops Media Group To Develop Gaming Ad Opportunities
Half Of Mobile Data Users Would Drop Plans To Cut Expenses
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 26, 2009
The PC Video Game Platform Is Not Dead
I'm Being Followed. And I Don't Care.
Travel Ad Network Partners With Virgin For Social Media Site
The App Store Has A Mighty Long Tail
Moore Elected IAB Chairman
Real-Time Web Puts Strain On Search Industry
Google Loyalists Love Bing, But Won't Stray
White Supremacist Talk Show Host Jailed For Inflammatory Blog Posts
Study: Online A Teenage Wasteland
Veeple and BitGravity Combine Streams
Verizon and Alltel Pay Up For 'Free' Ads
Bing Gaining in Name Recognition
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 25, 2009
PubMatic Unveils New 'Ad Price Prediction' System
Don't Get Lost in Translation
Google Unleashes AdSense For Mobile Applications
Mobi War: Ad Nets Competition Heats Up
How Much Targeting Is Too Much?
AIT Takes On Google
GroupM: Interactive Overtakes Newspaper Ad Spending
AdMeld Optimizes $8 Million In Funding
Pointroll Rolls Out Rich Media Ad Dev Suite
Musicians Pan File-Sharing Verdict
Verve To Power Newspaper Mobile Sites
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Microsoft's Bing Gains In Paid Clicks
HuffPo'll Take New York
Video In Rich Media Ads More Likely To Lead Customers To Purchase
Travel Channel Launches Studio To Provide Video To Partners, Strikes Deal With Yahoo
Pro Twitterers Share Their Secrets
Free Speech Advocates Ask N.H. Court To Vacate Injunction Against News Site
Bada-Bing: WPP Teams With Microsoft To Research How Search Builds Brands
Telecom's Bid To Block Muni-Broadband Fails
Hyatt Mobilizes Via Microsoft and Verizon
Meredith Launches Print Mag Based On Web Community
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
T-Mobile To Release Second Google Phone This Summer
New Purina Web Page And App Literally For The Dogs
Conduit Custom Toolbar Pushes Ad Content To Desktop
Field of Dreams II: The Mobile Advertising Story
SendTec Files Chapter 11
Google Incubating Performance-based Search Ad Model
Tumri Gets $15 Million In Financing
ACLU Calls Subpoena 'An Abuse' As Newspaper Readies To Hand Over Information
Experts: Local Ad Buyers Won't Buy Yahoo's My Display Ads
Study: 4 In 10 Smartphone Users Would Switch To iPhone
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 22, 2009
Fake Twitter Invite Spreads Worm
Break Launches Guy Lifestyle Site
E-Reader ScrollMotion Strikes Publisher Deals
New Travel Site Offers Virtual Search For Consumers, Branding Tie-Ins For Advertisers
Google Works With China On Porn Crackdown
Ad Units Attempt To Boost Engagement On Long-Form Content Pages
Microsoft Books Mobile Deal With Hyatt, Unveils '2-Screen' Ad Research
Horror Story: Court Says King Book Promotion May Be Illegal
PointRoll Pointing Toward TV
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 19, 2009
Which Brands Are Coming Up Short On Facebook?
Whole Foods Heads to App Store
AP Moves On Upfront
Tweets Are for the Birds
OPA: Display Ads Drive Engagement, E-Commerce
Judge: Craigslist Doesn't Kill People, Guns Do
Study: 'It's Not My Job' Could Cost Search Industry Big Bucks
Lawmakers Eye A Fine Line In Privacy Regulation
Flash-Based Engine Bets On Visual Search
The Education Recession
File-Sharer Ordered To Pay $1.92M
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 18, 2009
Why Facebook Won't Fail
Mobile Startup Getfugu Teams With IPG
Web Analytics Increasing In Importance
Bing Search Numbers Rise, But Not At Google's Expense
Reform Group Campaigns Against iPhone/AT&T Deal
Bill Would Require FTC Approval For Pay-Per-Byte Pricing
Perez Hilton Toning Down To Cash In
Pre-Roll Ads Get More Bang For The Buck Than In-Banner, Study Finds
MediaCom Offers Eyeblaster Ad-Serving
Brill's Content Model
Content Doesn't Want To Be Free, Just Cheap and Easy
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Why Facebook Will Fail
Yahoo Mobile Adds Nine Countries
MySpace Drops The Ax: Laying Off 30%
Study: It's Not The Size Of An Ad, It's Where You Put It That Counts
In-Game Ads In The Ad Game
VivaKi Launches Next Phase Of 'Pool': 'Lane 2'
What's Holding Back Online Video Ad Spending?
Where Do The C-Level Execs See Advertisements?
Senator Kerry Questions AT&T Deal With Apple
Net Neutrality Supporter Likely To Be Confirmed FCC Chair
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