Microsoft Books Mobile Deal With Hyatt, Unveils '2-Screen' Ad Research

In a major push behind its burgeoning mobile advertising platform, Microsoft this morning unveiled new research on he advertising impact of coupling mobile and conventional online display advertising, and announced a comprehensive mobile marketing advertising deal with Hyatt that will enable Verizon Wireless users to find and book rooms, view and change reservations, and other features via their mobile phones or hand-held devices.

The Hyatt deal, which is one of the first integrated advertising deals to come out of an agreement Microsoft entered into with Verizon Wireless in January, integrates mobile and display advertising across Verizon's mobile Web service.

The new Hyatt campaign combines the mobile advertising applications with online destinations such as MSN to provide the kind of integrated "two-screen" effect that Microsoft is touting in the new research being released today in Cannes, France, during the opening of the international advertising festival there.

The study, which was conducted in conjunction with Toyota in France for the launch of its IQ car line, indicates that the combination of mobile and online display advertising boosted Toyota's online presence and awareness with a multiplier effect.



Results show that Toyota got a 200% incremental lift in its overall advertising recall, as well as a 40% lift in the IQ brand's recall. In addition, Microsoft said "the synergy between mobile search and mobile display" showed similar results, with mobile display experiencing a 350 percent lift in ad recall and a 125 percent increase in brand recall through the inclusion of mobile search ads.

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