Online Media Daily Editions for June 2009
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Bliss Launches 'Skintentions' With Social Media Effort
Search Site Rolls Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, MSN Into One Eye-Popping Result
Report: Consumers Making More Time For Video
Spam King Faces Hard Time
Virgin Media, UMG Partner On Digital Music Venture
Study: Summer Lovin', It Happens So Fast
FCC Chair Nominee To Face Senate
JangoMail's New Feature Simplifies Transactional Email
Amadesa Unleashes Ad Optimization Feature
Nielsen, Digimarc Unveil Digital Video Ventures
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 15, 2009
Grand Jury Subpoenas Commenters' Personal Information From Newspaper
Washington Post Joins Facebook Connect
Don't Judge A Banner By Its Cover
RBC: Online Advertising Showing Signs Of Life
Publishers Clearing House Embraces iPhone
Microsoft Shakes Up Advertising, Content In Xbox Live Service
WolframAlpha Intros View On Mobile
iCrossing Taps The 'Social Graph'
Study: CMOs Want More Cross-Channel Data
Email, Social Media Merged To Create Marketing Channel
Aha! Search Site Targets Plans To Grow Into Niche Network
Barbecue Chain Rewards 'Famous' Fans
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 12, 2009
Nielsen Glitch Focuses Attention On New Online Measurement System, Impact Unknown
Twitter Not Selling, But Changing Name
'Twitter' Makes AP Stylebook
The Internet Is Not an ATM
RSS Feeds Nielsen Online Ire, Glitch Inflated Times, USA Today, Fox Numbers
MediaVest's Richman Promoted To EVP
Can't Touch A&E's Viral Marketing
Wall Street: Is Online Ad Downturn Cyclical Or 'Secular?'
AOL Picks Up Going and Patch Media
Sprint Drags Palm Pre Social Across MSN, YouTube, Facebook
SodaHead Pops Fizzy 'Social Newspaper' Concept
ABI: Mobile Phone Shipments Fell 12% In Q1
Crash Test: Helmet Maker Sues Google
Google Really Pushing 'Cloud' Computing Thing
YouTube Marketing Exec Heads To Ning
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 11, 2009
Yahoo Hires New CFO
IAB Launches Lobbying Campaign
MRM San Francisco Lays Off 20-30
Burrell Taps Google's Moore To Head Digital Operations
Aegis Grants Shares To Nigel Morris
The Value of Web Relationships
Minnesota Backs Down On Online Gambling Blacklist
Moxie Interactive Founder Steps Down
On A Bing And A Prayer
Online Bank Is For The Birds
Last Exit
The Social Media-Gaming Connection
Bank Of America Courts Small Business Through Yahoo
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Data Reveals Online Display Is Bucking Ad Downturn, Rises 8% In First Quarter
Microsoft Experimenting With Bing Ad Placement, Formats
Taking Back the Search Experience
Craigslist To Top $100 Million In Revenue
Tobaccowala: Avoid 'Data Diarrhea'
Mindshare Integrates Across Social Media With New Joint Venture
Google Employee: 'Sue Me? Sue You'
Politico Joins Quadrant One
Report: Mobile Bluetooth Campaigns Create Path To Purchase
Facebook To Offer Vanity URLs
Former Tacoda Vet Takes A Turn
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Google Integrates Bing Into Analytics Reports
The Blurring Lines of Online Video and What it Means for Measurement
Nielsen: Online Display Advertising Fell 3.5% In Q1
The Platform Is The Problem
MRM Adds Agency Vet Van Ooyen
The Bottom Line Of Local Search
Texas Lawmakers Crack Down On Fake Profiles
Apple Unveils iPhone 3GS, Cheaper iPhone 3G
Ultimate Fighting Gets Heavy
Coremetrics Enters Behavioral Targeting Display Ad Space
It's Always Sunny on
Gay-Targeted Startup Shows Moxie
Rubicon Thinks Global
Online Media Daily - Monday, June 8, 2009
Broader Than Broadway: Local Court Rules Muni-Broadband A Utility
CBS Launches Out Of Beta
Newspapers Are Online Brands
Cause For Celebration: Online Ad Spending Falls Just 5%
Google AdWords Pro Jumps To Facebook
Report: Interactive Budgets Favor Familiar Formats
Shut 'Em Down: FTC Alleges ISP Hosted 'Witches' Brew'
Microsoft Exec Jumps Ship
The Chattering Class
FatTail Automates SEM Service That Buys Traffic
Online Media Daily - Friday, June 5, 2009
Can I Use Search To Query Search? And Other Imponderables
Microsoft Bing Sends Web Analytics Scrambling
Bing Bugs Out, Redirects IE6
Stephen Wolfram Announces Plans for a Subscription Service
Study: Consumers Quick To Unsubscribe
Go Daddy Girl Testifies Before Congress (For Real)
Early Word On Pre: Astonishingly Good (But Where's The App Store?)
Will The Real Fail Whale Please Stand Up?
Cardinals Manager LaRussa Sues Twitter Over His 'Image'
Yahoo Calls Flea-Flicker, Sues NFL Players Association
Online Media Daily - Thursday, June 4, 2009
Google Sends Plea For Countries To Cooperate
MMA: Mobile Marketing To Grow 26% This Year
Bada Bing! Microsoft Outperforms Google In Porn
YouTube Loses a Little 'You,' Adds Some 'Tube'
Social Media Advertising: Fixes For a Fractured Space
Facebook Unveils New Ad Units For Pages And Events
Digg Testing New Social Ad Units
Study: Web Privacy Practices Fall Short
TV Recommendation Engine Gets $8 Million Recommendation
Deal Advances E-Wallet Technology, But Adoption Still Slow
Courts Uphold MySpace Liability Immunity
PubMatic Evaluates Ad Servers And Networks
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, June 3, 2009
New Xbox Technology Needs No Controller
Study Finds Online Video Usage Dramatically Overstated
Local Search Strengthens Move To Maps, Reviews
Plaintiff's Lawyers Allege NebuAd Staged Closing
Online Display CPMs Plummet, New 'Secondary Premium' Ad Market Emerges
NBC Taps Sundance Short Director Suited for Branded Content to a Nestea
AdMob To Launch new iPhone Ad Units
Daily Candy Is Sweet On Target
Facebook Could Face Friendster's Fate
Tremor Introduces Non-Linear Video Viewing
Ovum: Smartphone Shipments To Grow 19% This Year
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