• Real Media Riffs - Friday, Jun 24, 2005
    AT THE MOVIES -- Of all the ad-threatening new media gizmos we've heard about lately, Cliff Marks' MIGA is perhaps the most ingenious, as well as insidious. It's also one that has the potential to harm some media - TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and even the Internet - more than others.
  • Real Media Riffs - Thursday, Jun 23, 2005
    THE FIVE PERCENT SOLUTION -- Few would argue that Madison Avenue is a TV-centric neighborhood, especially this time of year, when big ad agencies are haggling with big broadcast and cable networks about exactly how much of their lop-sided share of ad budget the medium will get. And even if it shaves 15 percent off its national TV ad spending, Procter & Gamble will still be placing more than 75 cents of every ad dollar into television.
  • Real Media Riffs - Wednesday, Jun 22, 2005
    THE MANE EVENT -- We're big fans of the Media Lions. Next to MediaPost's own Creative Media Awards, they're probably the best recognition of breakthrough thinking and creativity in the field of media planning and buying that we can think of.
  • Real Media Riffs - Tuesday, Jun 21, 2005
    MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR LISTINGS TO SEE WHAT'S COMING SOON TO THIS DISCOVERY CHANNEL - Guess what word is sending shivers up and down the spines of the management team at Nielsen Media Research these days. No, it's not "Faults."
  • Real Media Riffs - Monday, Jun 20, 2005
    WHO'S THE KING OF MAGAZINE PRODUCT PLACEMENT? APPARENTLY, IT'S 'THE KING' - Assemble a group of the world's greatest magazine editors to draft something important and you'd think they'd at least come up with something readable. As it turns out, the publishing arts may be a lot like the culinary ones.
  • Real Media Riffs - Thursday, Jun 16, 2005
    IF IT LEADS, AND BLEEDS, THE AD INDUSTRY PLEADS -- Is print valuable of vulnerable? To hear two top ad execs speak about the magazine medium on Thursday, it's a little bit of both. The execs - Association of National Advertisers President-CEO Bob Liodice, and Ford Motor Co.
  • Real Media Riffs - Wednesday, Jun 15, 2005
    STORY ARC -- Ever wonder how fast five seconds is? Okay, smarty pants, we know what you're thinking: "It's precisely five seconds long." But we're not talking about actual time so much as what five seconds feels like as an emotional experience.
  • Real Media Riffs - Tuesday, Jun 14, 2005
    WHY A DUCT? -- Until recently, we thought the phrase "podcast" was a reference to ads that aired during a TV commercial pod. You know, the stuff that goes between the programming.
  • Real Media Riffs - Monday, Jun 13, 2005
    RFP-P-M - When radio broadcasting giant Clear Channel issued a "request for proposal" today calling for a new state-of-the-art electronic audience measurement system for the radio industry it caught some Wall Street analysts and industry trade reporters by surprise. Coming as it does midway through a four-year ratings contract with Arbitron, some thought it might signal a lack of confidence in Arbitron's ability to handle the future of radio audience measurement.
  • Real Media Riffs - Friday, Jun 10, 2005
    WHAT MEDIA PROFESSIONALS NEED TO BE THINKING ABOUT NOW. WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS? - As the 2005-06 upfront marketplace winds down - the broadcast prime-time one, anyway - is anyone wondering how different next year's will be? We are.
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