• Real Media Riffs - Thursday, Feb 23, 2006
    THE ME DIEM IS THE MESSAGE -- Following this week's unveiling of Publicis' new new media unit--Denuo--Madison Avenue is rushing to trademark a wide range of ancient dialects. "It's a fresh idea," boasts Stephen Feuling, making an obvious allusion to the English translation of Denuo, a Latin word, which means, well, "afresh.
  • Real Media Riffs - Tuesday, Feb 21, 2006
    IS TORINO HAUNTED BY GHOSTS OF NBC'S OLYMPICS PAST? -- Has NBC lost its Olympic soul? That's the impression you'd get after watching the first week of coverage of the Torino Winter Games, a puerile, testosterone-infused prime-time sports highlights show that seems to be leaving out the most important clip of all: the spirit of the Olympic Games. When did snowboarding - especially the extreme sport of boarder crossing - become the preeminent Winter Olympics competitions? Could it be that NBC Sports is that enamored by ESPN's X Games that it is trying the recreate it's own, international version.
  • Real Media Riffs - Friday, Feb 17, 2006
    IT TAKES AN iVILLAGE - The financial press are all a-blather over the fact that yet another Internet property is on the block, but seems to be having trouble attracting suitors willing to sustain supposed online market valuations. Ironically, that property, late 1990s start-up iVillage, is currently trading at just under $8 a share, giving it a market capitalization of about $560 million.
  • Real Media Riffs - Monday, Feb 13, 2006
    I'M OKAY, YOU'RE OK!, BUT WE'RE STILL NOT BUYING YOU, OKAY? -- At a time when big marketers are demanding assurances that their agencies are being completely objective when deciding what media to place their ads in, an untimely legal squabble between Martin Sorrell's WPP Group and a British publisher is providing a rare public view of just how cozy agencies sometimes get with the media they're responsible for buying.
  • Real Media Riffs - Tuesday, Feb 7, 2006
    OH, THE COMMERCIALS YOU'LL SEE -- Know why Ameriquest's Super Bowl commercials were the two most replayed in TiVo households? Because people didn't know what to make of them. They were funny, but confusing, which is probably why a panel of ad industry pros surveyed by marketing services conglomerate ICOM deemed them the, "funniest spots, but for a brand I forgot.
  • Real Media Riffs - Friday, Feb 3, 2006
    LIFE IN A SUPER BOWL -- We don't know about you, but we can't wait until Stupor Monday. Not because we'll have the day off due to a new federal holiday some are championing for--National Super Hangover Day--but because we've just about had it with all the hype surrounding the Superlative Bowl.