Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for February 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 14, 2020
How Airbnb Eliminates 'Positional Bias' In Search Results
Valentine's Gifts Or Gifs -- More Women Than Men Give
Coronavirus Forces China To Reinvent Digital
Google Reportedly In Talks To Pay Publishers For News Content
Viral, Marketing: How The Coronavirus Is Impacting The Economics Of The Ad Industry
DAN Acquires Media Storm, Realigned With Merkle
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020
TV Versus Search -- When A Disruptive Brand Tries Both
Why Consumers Fall In Love With Brands
Grocery Giant Kroger Partners With Microsoft To Ensure CPG Companies Can Analyze Data
App Install Ad Spending Reaches $76.2B, Poised To Jump Further
Let's Find 'Anti-Fragile' Solutions To The Loss Of The Cookie
Consumers Are Googling Ford Bronco, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Google is Adding Attachment Feature To Gmail For iOS
How The Washington Privacy Act Compares To GDPR And CCPA
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020
Traffic To Websites Expected To Climb In 2020, Becoming Priority For Marketers
Microsoft Bing Fuels Content, Advertising With Another Privacy Search Engine
Best Buy, Not Amazon, Dominates Google First-Page Searches For Electronics
The Impact Of Coronavirus On Digital Marketing In Asia
Digital Political's 'Big One'
2020 Outlook: Next-Gen Tech Trends And Implications For Brands
Brave Accuses Google Of Risking Brits' Privacy Online
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020
U.K. Performance Agency Brainlabs Buys Hanapin Following Distilled Merger
Yelp Launches Store Visits, Video Ad Unit To Drive Company's Growth
Amazon Celebrates Lovers, Romance Between Robots
How Publishers Can Thrive As Third-Party Cookies Fade
Personalized Messaging Isn't Prioritized Among Marketers
YouTube May Become Streaming Subscription Aggregator
Tech Spending To Grow 5% This Year: IDC
Why To Buy A Verified Gmail Account
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 10, 2020
Google Search Console Adds Review Snippets Performance And Testing
What If Google Acquired Tesla? One Analyst Says No
Is The Coronavirus Making Advertising Sick?
Analyst Shorts 'Super Bear' Agency Disintermediation Thesis, Cites End Of Google Managed Services
Ad-Tech Deals Rose 72% In 2019
Samba TV Works With Amazon To Create New Attribution Model
CIMM To Launch Joint Initiative For Ad Campaign Data Standards
eMarketer Predicts 83 Million Smart Speaker Users This Year
Tech Giants Avoid A Billion-Pound Tax Bill
Voice-Tech Zeitgeist: Ads Reveal Evolving Relationship With AI
China Contract Manufacturer Cites Coronavirus As Reason Employees Should Stay Home
Google Faces Uphill Task To Ban Financial Advertising Scammers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 7, 2020
Google Oscar Predictions Based On Search, YouTube Views
Google Shopping Ads Coming To Gmail
Quantcast, Kochava Partner To Create Privacy Compliant Platform For Web, Mobile Apps
Instagram, YouTube Lead Gen Z Brand Discovery
Call For Entries: Marketing: Automotive Best Of 2019 Awards
Pinterest's Q4 Revs Skyrocket 46% YOY To $400 Million
Legal Woes Pile Up For Clearview
Google Hit With New Lawsuit Over Faceprints
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020
Google Search Results Serve A Sexist 'Caveman' Slant
Google Trends Data Zeroes In On The Moment Coronavirus Was Identified
Coalition For Better Ads Releases Video Standards; Study Finds 764M Devices Blocked Ads In Q4
Tripadvisor Launches Customer Review Service For Restaurants After Reorganizing
Call For Entries: Marketing: Automotive Best Of 2019 Awards
Google Fiber Drops Linear TV To Focus On Broadband, Streaming Options
The Google Maneuver
How Blockchain Fueled Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl Campaign
Privacy Gaffe Shows Google Can't Be Trusted With Data: Opinion
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020
Oscars Get Dedicated Google Search, Assistant Experience
SEO Professionals Must Think Like A Local Business Or Risk Failure
Google Voice Hits Gmail Side Panel
Publishers, Not Data, Become Focus Since Google's Announcement To Squash Third-Party Cookies
Google And Tinder Face Investigation By The Irish Data Watchdog
Google Ad Tools Focus Of DOJ Probe
Brainlabs Buys SEO Agency, Distilled
Google Snafu: Private Videos Sent To Strangers
Google Tells Clearview To Stop Scraping Photos For Facial Recognition Database
Google Faces GDPR Probe Over Location Tracking
Amazon, KFC Create 'Brand Voice' Via Alexa
Call For Entries: Marketing: Automotive Best Of 2019 Awards
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020
Amazon Aggressively Fights To Dominate Google Page One
Alphabet Reveals YouTube Brought In $15B In Ad Revenue In 2019
Consumer Intelligence Platform Suzy, Named For Humanizing Approach, Secures $12M In Funding
AdEx Develops Way Of Targeting Ads Without Loading, Storing Data
TikTok's Growth Drives ROI, Joining Google, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Report Finds
Saying 'So Long' To SEMPO
Call For Entries: Marketing: Automotive Best Of 2019 Awards
YouTube Confirms It Will Police False Political Content, Including Deepfakes
For Gen Z-Ers, YouTube Algorithm 'Gets Me'
Accenture To Close Its Media Auditing, Agency Search Businesses
YouTube Paid Subscribers Now At 22M, Including 2M For OTT
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 3, 2020
Super Bowl Trending Google Searches Have A Lyrical Theme
Super Bowl TV Ads Drove Online Search, Discovery On Publisher Sites
Super Bowl Advertisers Get Creative To Rank Higher In Search
Vistar Media Seeing Analytics, Programmatic Recharge DOOH
Amazon Surpasses Q4 Expectations, Ad Business Sustains Momentum
Automakers Win Super Bowl
Everything Is Now D2C
How One Man Gamed Google Maps
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