Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for March 2023
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 31, 2023
Google Maps Updates Tech Keeping Contributed Content Fraud-Free
IPG's Acxiom Develops Strategy To Protect IP From ChatGPT
Adobe AI Tech For Prudential Financial Means Personalization For Clients
Tetris Hops On The Web3 Bandwagon With New Brand Rewards Program
Artificial Truth
Senators Reintroduce Bill Requiring Platforms To Subsidize News
Time, Place, Relevance...Scale: Zelle's Out-of-Home Journey
Attention To Audio Ads Improves When People Listen Together
A Smart Moment More Than A Tech Moment
How Small Agencies Can Meet The Challenges Of Cross-Media Measurement
TV, Marketing Evolving -- So Why Do We Still Have Upfronts?
March Madness TV Commercials Post Dramatically Higher Online Engagement
SF Agency Feld Advertising Expands Media Practice
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 30, 2023
Google's NBA Pixel Arena App Gets An Update In Time For The Playoffs
Microsoft Brings More Ads To Bing, Edge: Eyes Publisher Rev Share
Google Partnership With Replit Accelerates Creation Of Generative AI Applications
Fox Partners With Purpose-Driven Ad/Marketing Firm To Make Social Impact
Advocates Ask Federal Trade Commission To Halt GPT-4
Meta Rolls Out AI-Powered Brand Suitability Controls
It's Reach, Not Ratings, That Will Determine TV Advertising's Future
Flipboard Ditches Twitter For Rival Mastodon, Android Integration
System1 Tool Predicts Audio Ad Impact To Drive Market Share
What's Wrong With AI-Generated Models In Apparel Ads?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Google Introduces Ads Transparency Center
Alibaba Splits Into 6 Groups - Will Google Follow?
Shopify Deal With Google Cloud Lets Customers Embed Google Search, Browsing
Microsoft Rolls Out Third-Party Government Services Advertising Pilot
Pinterest Offers Advertisers New Ways To Target Eco-Friendly Users
WPP, CRM Platform Braze Partner Up
Marketing Squeeze: Budget Growth Plummets, Digital Spend Slows
Game On! Game Show Network, Sony Make Upfront Pitches
Why Signal Loss Could Be A Net Gain For The Marketing Industry
Long-Time TV Ad Defender Brian Wieser Turns Bearish On The Medium, Sort Of
Consumers Prioritize Basic Necessities From Reward Programs
How Brands Can Use Humor To Connect
The New Ways Of Identifying Both B2B and B2C Consumers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Google Search Adds Ways To Verify Information
Microsoft Integrates Generative AI In Cybersecurity Tools
LiveRamp, Basis Partner To Defeat Signal Loss In Ad Targeting
Jeremy Cornfeldt Driving Tinuiti As First President
IAS Integrates With Amazon Publisher Services, Enables Seamless Ad Verification
Google Faces Sanctions For Failing To Preserve Chats
Meta Introduces New Video Ad Solutions, Winds Down In-Stream Reserve Program
I Wish I Were Half The Person ChatGPT Thinks I Am
Biggest Ad Tech Underperforming Smaller Players During Ad Downturn
SMI Data Shows 8 Of Top 12 Ad Categories Declined In February
Cisco Debuts AI Tools For Enhanced CX And Hybrid Work Collaboration
Digital Not Immune From Current Ad Recession, Falls 2% YTD
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 27, 2023
In Generative AI We Trust?
Microsoft Audience Network's Manual CPCs Will Transition To Enhanced
Apple Quietly Acquires Startup Working On AI-Powered Video Compression
Ad Media Revenue To Reach $326B In 2023: Magna
Semcasting Agreement To Offer B2B Marketers Technographic, Contact Data Targeting
Why Social Is The New Search For Gen Z
Digital Channels Are Biggest Source Of Product Discovery
Microsoft, USAID, Internews Plan Media Visibility Accelerator
Where Does AI Fit Into The Planning Process?
Great Expectations: Consumers Demand Most From Ecommerce, Plus Smartphone, Auto Brands
Snap Partners With Kargo To Develop Offerings For Ecommerce, Retail Advertisers
Premium Streamers Impacted By 'Volatility' With Rising Cancellations, Additions
Is The Pandemic Boom Over?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 24, 2023
Articles Queried, Read Reveal The State Of Consumers' Minds
Biggest Google Ranking Factors On Conversions
Google-Backed Security Startup Riffs 'Scapegoat' Campaign
Marketers Rate Sales Lift As Most Important Advertising Indicator
Digital Media-Buying Data Reveals Surge In Direct, CTV Political Ad Buys
SoundHound Launches Chat AI Voice Assistant Platform, Mobile App
Sustainability: Studies Show Impact Of Social Influencers, Rise In Product Labeling
Adobe Builds On AI - Says New Tool Can Help Marketers Write Email Copy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 23, 2023
Reddit Continues To Update Ad Platform
Publishers To Seek Compensation For AI-Generated Content
Privacy Paradox: Respecting Data Boundaries, Personalizing Experiences
Adobe's Project True Colors Complements Clothing Colors With Skin Tone
OpenAI Offers Plugins For ChatGPT
New Metric Measures How Videos Perform Based On When They Were Uploaded
Talking About TV: Most Talk YouTube -- Especially Younger Viewers
Most CTV Ads Miss The Frequency 'Sweet Spot'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 22, 2023
AI Makes Search Relevance Critical
Online Groceries Up, But Consumers Using BNPL Options, Adobe Finds
Place Exchange Expands In Europe, Supported By MediaMath, Yahoo, Others
Gap Reportedly 'Pauses' Ad Business
Why Retailers Still Struggle To Link In-Store With Online, Adopt Personalization
Data Quality, Analytics Are Biggest Concerns With Search Technology
Instagram Rolls Out 'Reminders' Ad Format, Tests Ads In Search
Study: Paid AVODs Beat FASTs On Ad Attention, But Just 33% Of All CTV Ads Win 2 Seconds Or More
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Google Opens Bard To Some, Says It's Not Search Replacement
The One Question Google Bard Told Me It Cannot Answer
Microsoft Bing's AI Chatbot Now Generates Images And Text
Sam's Club Links Search Ads To Retail Store Purchases To Improve Attribution, Performance
Havas Plays In New Sandbox: Taps Content, Tech, Fandom To 'Earn Consumer Attention'
It Took A Decade, But Google Glass Is Finally Broken
Atlas Shrugs: ARF To Release One Mapping 'Attention' Suppliers
How Much Of A Threat Is ChatGPT?
Ad Filtering Helps To Improve Brand Recall Among Key Audiences
America's Still Hopped Up About Easter, Despite Rising Costs
And Rising Launches Academy To Up Brand Growth
Purpose Fails: Most Consumers Can't Name A Brand Making A Difference
Affiliate Marketing Agency Gen3 Taps GroupM's Curran As Chief Growth Officer
GM Marketing Will Report Temporarily To Company Prez
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 20, 2023
Expect More Data In Microsoft's Coffers
Integral Ad Science Takes Netflix Verification Program Live
Ad-Blocking Consumers Influence Purchase Decisions, Magna Study Finds
Merkle Creative Swings With Grant Thornton On Business-to-Human TV Spots
The Future Of Mass Transit Information: More Real-Time Interaction With Mobile
Video Measurement 'JIC' Invites Google/YouTube To Join
With Google Nest, ADT Marketing Switches From Scary To Funny
YouTube TV Price Hike Amid Cord-Cutting: Virtuals Making Their Channel Cuts?
Warner Bros. Discovery Chooses Comscore, VideoAmp As Alternative Currency
The Click Count -- Worldwide Email Metrics: Who's Winning And Losing
Customer Chemistry: How To Build Rapport With B2B Clients
Winning The Loyalty Wars
Game Analytics Platform Takes On Walled Gardens With Attribution Measurement Partnership
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