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  • September 26
    • New York, New York
      Sept. 26, 2018

      Marketing: CPG

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      From toothbrushes to razors, eyeliner to tennis shoes, shampoo to fresh produce the great digital disruption has now fully penetrated how we pick and purchase everything. The consumer packaged goods category has been upended…by digital advertising, upstart direct brands, online product sales and services. But the good news is CPG marketers now can leverage data and digital channels to move way beyond buying spray and pray TV spots and in-store end cap. Now they can cultivate relationships and build brands directly with their customers, and in some cases even sell to them on the spot.

      At the inaugural edition of MediaPost’s Marketing: CPG we look at how these brands old and new are leaning into the disruption. How are they building first party data and aiming it at more direct relationships with consumers? What can the legacy brands learn – about data, media buying and measurement - from a new generation of CPGs that built brands from the ground up on digital? How are marketers making the all-important clicks-to-bricks connection between their digital efforts and retail sales? Is the performance bias of digital leaving the big brand story behind?

      At Marketing: CPG leading brands and agencies map out the new rules of multi-channel CPG marketing in a direct-to-consumer age.Read more

    • Chicago, Illinois
      Sept. 26, 2018 - Sept. 27, 2018

      Digital Summit Chicago


      Digital Summit Chicago 2018 is going to be a must-attend! Phenomenal Content (and more of it!). We've expanded to 5 stages of content, featuring over 55 sessions from industry leading companies — each promising the forward-leaning strategies and tactics you need to be successful for the rest 2018, and also set up big wins for 2019. Did Someone Say Even More Content? *We've tacked a third day onto this year's Digital Summit Chicago — adding our Digital Summit Masterclasses to the mix. These are full-day deep dives into your choice of Conversion Optimization, Advanced Social Media tactics, and Google Analytics. * Awesome Keynotes - including Netflix Co-Founder, Mitch Lowe, and Instagram's Head of Music Partnerships, Lisa Wirtzer Seawood joining our all-star lineup — with more to be announced! * A ridiculous, expanded list of industry heavyweights and innovators on this year's speaker roster. We're talking Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Coca-Cola, BuzzFeed, Lyft, Grindr, PBS, Reddit, LinkedIn, and many more — with more being added every week! * Even more networking opportunities with 1500 seasoned marketing geeks like you throughout the event. Connect with like-minds, partners, and new friends at afternoon bars, parties, between sessions and more! * Return, Return, Return - unbeatable value, at just 1/3 the cost of similar events, but with more content! One minor adjustment in approach or strategy pays for the conference many times over.Read more

  • September 27
    • New York, New York
      Sept. 27, 2018

      Marketing: Health

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      In its third Marketing Healthcare event, MediaPost brings to the field a decade of experience in clarifying digital challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals. We map the contours of a radically changed landscape. 

      Digital channels truly change everything (and everyone) in the health marketing chain. Marketing Health will tackle the subjects that every agency and brand is dealing with. 

      Patient journeys that are now omnichannel

      Super-educated consumers now drive health conversations 

      Media buying and planning tools are vastly different from those in other industry segments 

      Social media where health misinformation often rules the day?

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  • October 01
    • New York, New York
      Oct. 1, 2018

      OMMA Awards

      Awards/Nomination ★ Featured

      THE 2018 OMMA AWARDS 



      Advanced TV 

      Campaigns or single executions using Advanced TV methods or platforms. 

      Nano Video

      Video execution that is 10 secons or less, on any platform.

      Influencer Campaign

      Campaigns that identify key individuals/groups that have influence over potential buyers.

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  • October 02
    • New York, New York
      Oct. 2, 2018

      M2Moms - The Marketing to Moms Conference

      Tags: AdvertisingAdvertising Week NYMarketing


      Get Actionable Content You Can Use NOW!
      Priceless moms marketing connections in research, trends, facts, news and media. Real-world case studies, creative strategies and resources & techniques to help brand marketing and ad execs drive sales and build share with today’s moms. Attend M2Moms and get direct access to marketing-to-moms leaders, peer-to-peer learning and networking in a collegial, stimulating environment.

      www.m2moms.com - register today & save! Learn how to reach millennial moms on every channel.

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  • October 03
    • New York, New York
      Oct. 3, 2018

      M2W- The Marketing to Women Conference

      Tags: AdvertisingAdvertising Week NYMarketing


      Providing brand executives and their agencies with cutting edge research and techniques to grow their sales with women who control 85% of all purchasing in virtually every category.

      2 Days of 360° Learning
      Mobile, digital, social, WOM, POS, traditional, online and off… M2W® delivers immediately actionable info, the latest research, the most intriguing new case studies.

      www.m2w.biz register today & save! Learn how to reach millennial women on every channel.

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    • Charlotte, North Carolina
      Oct. 3, 2018 - Oct. 4, 2018

      Digital Summit Charlotte


      We've tacked a third day onto this year's Digital Summit Charlotte — adding our Digital Summit Masterclasses to the mix. These are full-day deep dives into your choice of Conversion Optimization and Advanced Social Media tactics to take your business to a whole new level.
      Awesome Keynotes - including the Founder of The Onion, Scott Dikkers, and the queen of content strategy, Ann Handley.
      A ridiculous list of industry heavyweights and innovators on this year's speaker roster. We're talking Coca-Cola, NASCAR, LinkedIn, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, MGM Resorts, and many more.
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    • Boston, Massachusetts
      Oct. 3, 2018 - Oct. 5, 2018

      LeadsCon's Connect to Convert 2018

      Tags: Marketing

      LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert is the lead industry’s only roll-up-your-sleeves educational conference and exposition dedicated entirely to the most effective and emerging sectors of the lead generation industry: Calls, Clicks, Search and Shares. With dedicated b-to-c and b-to-b content designed around each section of the sales cycle, LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert will arm you with the critical intelligence you need to success in 2018 and beyond.

      You will be in good company while attending LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert. The event offers plenty of opportunities to gain new insights into performance marketing, find new partners/solutions in the exhibit hall or build your network. Attendees range from executive to manager and are highly focused on performance marketing to boost their lead counts, and bottom line increasing their conversion and sales.

      Attending Will Help You To:
      - Navigate the Customer Journey - From Brand Building and Awareness to Conversion and Retention
      - Discover Best Practices for B2C and B2B Customer Acquisition
      - Explore Multi-Platform Marketing Innovation and Technology
      - Implement Successful Steps that Enable Your Sales Team to Close the Deal
      - Find Out How to Engage Your Customers to Grow Your Business
      - Improve Your Customer Experience by Aligning with Your Customers’ Needs
      - Incorporate Data, Technology and Compliance Across All Channels in Your Marketing Efforts

      Questions? Please contact Greg Dicso at gdicso@accessintel.com or 203.899.8499.

      For more information visit:

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  • October 09
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      Oct. 9, 2018 - Oct. 11, 2018

      Gartner Sales and Marketing Conference 2018, Las Vegas, NV

      Tags: Marketing

      The premier event for B2B sales and marketing executives. Commercial leaders are pushed to find and implement new ways to achieve revenue growth. Gartner Sales and Marketing Conference 2018 provides a community of accomplished sales and marketing leaders focused on developing strategies and tactics that deliver real results for their business.  Attendees will learn from a mix of experts and practitioners who are defining and executing plans featuring highly productive organizational structures, successful marketing programs, and partnerships with world-class solution providers. Solution providers will have the opportunity to connect with and promote services and solutions to help these commercial leaders. Esteemed speakers, researchers and subject matter experts will share unbiased, tactical advice with practical solutions and applications for the audience to take back to their offices. This Gartner conference is a must attend for meaningful networking, how-to guidance and real-world solutions, in three valuable days. Read more

  • October 10
    • Nashville, California
      Oct. 10, 2018

      Brand Partnership Forum

      Tags: Branded ContentBranded EntertainmentMarketing

      The Brand Partnership Forum is an exclusive 3-day event that provides 150 client-side marketers the unique opportunity to learn about today's hottest brand partnership trends, activities and opportunities. Attendees listen directly to experts from world-class brands, such as McDonald's, Nissan, T-Mobile, Tyson, ReadyPac, Hostess, Kellogg's, Pinterest as they share their secrets for creating successful brand partnerships.Read more

  • October 14
    • Austin, Texas
      Oct. 14, 2018 - Oct. 17, 2018

      Publishing Insider Summit @ the Austin City Limits Music Festival

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      No more go-betweens. No more "disintermediation." Publishers have woken up to how platforms and ad tech spent a decade getting between them and their audiences - shaving off trust, user experience, and revenue along the way. At the spring edition of MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit media brands share their learnings about restoring a more direct connection to their consumer. 

      As the trust and reliability of social distribution model falters, we explore the levers (email, search, apps, paid media) brands are pulling to drive more direct traffic.

      As programmatic ad tech extracts more from "working media" in the ad spend, how are media restoring direct relationships with advertisers via private exchanges, branded content and social media extensions?

      Meanwhile, media are learning some new tricks from the wave of direct-to-consumer brands - about packaging content and e-commerce via affiliate models, subscription goods lines, and commerce partnerships.

      And they are internalizing the lessons of social - to embrace and leverage influencers, to cultivate editorial voice and personalities. 

      Video and audio can deepen the direct connection between brand and audience, but media companies are learning how to produce, distribute and measure these extensions in smarter, more efficient ways.

      It is all part of building (or rebuilding) a user experience via site and app design, cleaner ad presence, coherent multimedia environments.

      And as the traditional patrons of media rethink their digital ad investments, how are publishers themselves revisiting the consumer-direct revenue stream, through paywalls and memberships?

      At the Spring Publishing Insider Summit, we disrupt the disruption. It is time to get back to basics and back to direct relationships with audiences, back to building media experiences.

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  • October 19
  • October 24
    • Brooklyn, New York
      Oct. 24, 2018 - Oct. 25, 2018

      Brand Marketing Summit and Social Media Marketing (October 24-25, New York)

      Tags: Marketing

      Incite Brand Marketing Summit NYC (October 24-25th) | http://events.incite-group.com/east/?utm_source=Evvntandutm_medium=Event+Listingandutm_campaign=4974

      The Summit is the most senior meeting for Marketing, Digital and Social Media leaders from Big Brands. The summit is unique in that is focuses on big brand marketers offering a platform for 500+ CMOS/ VPS to discuss how we must deliver impactful interactions that deliver a clear brand purpose and narrative. Be a part of the conversation with confirmed CMOs/SVPs from Target, Mastercard, Budweiser, Adidas, Visa, Lenovo, NBC Sports Group, Walmart and Qualcomm.

      2018 Themes Include: *Reinvention of Marketing* *Customer Understanding and Personalized Experiences* Engagement and Story Inspiring* Attribution and Performance* Omnichannel Marketing* Social Media Marketing*

      Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/228700-1?pid=4598

      Economy Pass: USD 1995.0
      Standard Pass: USD 2195.0
      Executive Pass: USD 2395.0

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  • October 25
    • Austin, Texas
      Oct. 25, 2018 - Oct. 26, 2018

      B2B Marketing and Sales 2018


      The most successful B2B Marketing leaders embrace what sales leaders have known for a long time – putting your customer first pays off. But what does that really mean? Last year, Forrester put a name to the new business buyer – The Business Consumer. At this year's Forum, we'll go deep on the implications of serving this new buyer. How their expectations for a seamless experience demands more transparency across sales and marketing, smarter technology, consistent messaging and account knowledge throughout the lifecycle. Join us this year! Read more

  • October 29
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Oct. 29, 2018

      Sustainable Brands New Metrics '18

      Tags: Marketing

      Leadership in the new economy requires innovative methods and metrics for identifying, measuring and quantifying entirely new forms of business value and risk. Join business intelligence, finance and sustainability leaders to discover innovative tools, ideas and methodologies that capture tangible business value and translate it into financial performance. Read more

  • October 30
    • New York, New York
      Oct. 30, 2018

      Digital Out of Home Awards

      Awards/Nomination ★ Featured


      Q. What are the dates of eligibility?

      Any digital-out-of-home advertising execution or campaign that was active during the qualifying period July 8, 2017 – September 15, 2018.

      Q. What is the deadline?

      All entries must be received by September 21, 2018, 8:00 PM, EST

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  • November 06
    • Chicago, Illinois
      Nov. 6, 2018 - Nov. 7, 2018

      Mirren CEO Summit

      Tags: AdvertisingMarketing

      Limited to an exclusive group of only 140 participants, the Mirren CEO Summit addresses the most important issues as it relates to building an infrastructure for growth. With that goal, the Summit is broken into Four Pillars of Agency Growth: Model, Operations, Marketing, Leadership. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be inspired. Expect to leave with specific plans to drive your agency forward.

      For more details, visit MirrenCEOSummit.com.

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  • November 12
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      Nov. 12, 2018 - Nov. 14, 2018

      EventTech 2018

      Tags: Marketing

      Fact: "digital plus live" has become the lead strategy for marketers around the world. And only one conference gives marketers the latest technologies, the newest trends, the top best practices and the biggest case studies-this one.

      THE PROGRAM. Get expert insights from Diageo, Heineken, Hilton, IBM, Salesforce and more leading brand side marketing technologists.

      THE CAMPUS. Content and technology collide in the industry's only Campus-a 100,000-sq.- ft. experience housing all content in our five innovative labs and hundreds of technologies for you to test-drive. Get ready to meet the world’s best experiential marketing technology partners.

      PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS. Kick off EventTech with optional afternoon first-day workshops where attendees can choose from a variety of topics.

      NETWORKING ACTIVITIES. Start and end your day with optional networking activities that allow you to chat up fellow attendees and meet with the industry's best technology partners.

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  • November 14
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
      Nov. 14, 2018 - Nov. 15, 2018

      Internet Summit


      Registration for the 10th Annual Internet Summit is now open. Book your seat today for the most immersive edition of Internet Summit ever, and get ready to strap yourself in for the region's most impactful offering of digital marketing tips, strategies, and best practices. Over 95 sessions and speakers, on 7 stages - each featuring the digital strategies and tactics you need to rock 2018 with pizzazz.Read more

  • November 27
    • Los Angeles, California
      Nov. 27, 2018

      Marketing Automotive at the LA Auto Show

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      Deep into the digital age, TV still reigns supreme for most automotive marketers. How are today’s digitally-empowered consumers relating to top-of-funnel brand messaging in 2018? How are OEMs justifying the ROI of Big Idea brand advertising in a world where price-conscious consumers conduct their own research and use social media as a forum to endorse, criticize and challenge brands publicly? How is money being diffused across digital channels, in particular, especially since mid to lower funnel is where most decision-making takes place? And where do ROI and attribution fit into all this?

      At MediaPost’s fourth-annual Marketing Automotive conference, we ask OEMs to discuss assess the channels and messaging tactics that are working for them, single out those that are not, and demonstrate how their consumer messaging is evolving alongside consumers own shifting media habits.  

      Attendees can expect to learn:

      • How OEMs are evolving their brand positioning and media messaging
      • How OEMs assess ROI for traditional and digital channels
      • How to assess which data is most valuable to the bottom line
      • How artificial Intelligence is changing auto marketing


      Read more

  • November 29
  • November 30
  • December 05
    • Los Angeles, California
      Dec. 5, 2018 - Dec. 6, 2018

      Digital Summit LA


      Join powerful keynotes including Netflix co-founder, Mitch Lowe, and more keynotes to be announced in the coming weeks! Also, hear from top brands tackling the challenges of today, Mashable, Uber, Refinery29, Visa, Neiman Marcus, Southwest, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more. Read more

  • December 09
    • Deer Valley, Utah
      Dec. 9, 2018 - Dec. 12, 2018

      Email Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      It's not about the campaign calendar, anymore. It's not about your content strategy. And its definitely not about your channels. It is about the customer - her schedule, her journey, her experience. And that changes everything, from the way email teams work internally and across silos, how data are gathered and deployed, which technology marketers apply, and the role of content and service int he messaging mix.

      At the Spring 2018 edition of the legendary Email Insider Summit we explore the many dimensions of the customer-centric revolution for messaging. 

      We Will Explore:

      • Assessing what "customer-first" means for your business
      • Learning big lessons from small data and tests
      • Whether and how to apply AI/Machine learning technologies
      • Building truly mobile mobile email experiences
      • Moving from segmentation to hyper-perosnalized messaging
      • Storytelling in the In-Box
      Read more

  • December 11
    • CA, California
      Dec. 11, 2018 - Dec. 12, 2018

      Growth Marketing Conference 2018

      Tags: Branded ContentMarketing

      On December 11-12, 2018 - Global Growth Marketing Conference – will take place at the historic landmark Hotel Fairmont in San Francisco. You’ll learn battle-tested, best-in-class growth strategies and tactics, straight from the thought leaders who pioneered them. Recommended by Hiten Shah, Rand Fishkin, and Neil Patel – former Growth Marketing Conference speakers – as well as Forbes, VentureBeat, CMO.com and, most importantly, growth teams across the world. Don’t miss it. Hitting triple-digit growth numbers, year after year, starts right here. Register Now www.growthmarketingconf.com. Read more

  • December 12
    • Deer Valley, Utah
      Dec. 12, 2018 - Dec. 15, 2018

      Search Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      Consumer-first marketing, privacy, looming regulation, the digital-to-real-world-connection, voice computing, the return to branding. The simple search box needs to adjust to an increasingly complex, heated and more integrated marketing environment. What new tactics and approaches will bring the most tried, tested, accountable channel in digital forward as it evolves in the coming years? At the Spring edition of the Search Insider Summit, we explore how the best search media buyers are adjusting their search, data, integration and measurement tactics for a new world outside the query box.

      We will explore:

      • The impact of GDPR and government regulation on search practices
      • New tools for connecting digits and bricks - SEM to POS
      • Getting ahead of diluted match terms
      • Moving brand metrics with search
      • Optimizing social and search
      • Testing emerging search: voice, marketplaces, apps
      Read more

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