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Email Insider Summit

Dear [Name Here], personalization is not a tactic. It is a strategy. Beyond custom subject lines and segmentation, email is helping to drive the next generation of brand building that is grounded in genuine one-to-one communications between marketers and customers. Personalization is becoming integral to customer journey mapping, customer service, CRM, site presence, even product development and digital advertising.

We Will Explore:

  • What does a personalization strategy look like, both to legacy and emerging DTC brands?
  • How do you build a first party data program that serves personalization?
  • How do you vette third party data amidst looming regulation?
  • Making content creation and management serve personalization goals Building a tech stack aimed at personalization strategy

At the 15th annual meeting of the email tribes in Deer Valley we dig into next generation personalization approaches of the messaging masters, of course. But we also pull back and explore how one-to-one marketing is central to brand building itself.

On the front end, where are brands sourcing their best data, tying IDs across channels, and vetting the tech that drives your best plans? And how is that smarter data fueling more creative audience segmenting, messaging, triggering? And do the new in-box tools like AMP, multimedia, interactivity really move the KPI needle?

The most beloved, longest-running meeting of the email minds focuses the Spring edition on practical examples of smarter tactics that will win the in--box wards of 2020.

Contact: MediaPost MediaPost , 2122042000, events@mediapost.com

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