AI & IoT Daily Editions for October 2015
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Oct. 30, 2015
Airport Beacons Coming: 61% at Check-in, 57% Boarding, 40% Bag Claim
Macy's Tries Beacon-Triggered Mobile Game in Stores
Brands Warm to Marketing with Virtual Reality
Ford Lets You Tweet From Behind The Wheel
Mercedes Shows Concept Car of the Future
Google Takes Smartwatch Edge with Notifications
Flipkart Moves to Marketing Wearables
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015
IBM Buys into Weather; Watson Gets a Boost
Location-Based Solutions Offering Just-in-Time Marketing
Verizon IoT Business Hits $500 Million, Launches New Platform
Beacons, VR, Seen As Impacting Travel
Payments from More Devices than Mobile Coming
Smart Car Learns Habits of Consumer Driver
Don't Expect A 'Wearable' Revolution
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015
Where Marketing Fits in the World of Smart Everything
Ikea IoT-Catalog-of-the-Future Envisioned
Fitness Tracker Security Questioned
Smart Home Set Up to Market to Luxury Clients
San Francisco Libraries to Be IoT Hub
Elevators Join the Internet of Things
That Drone You Hear May Be Walmart Delivering
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015
Harnessing Big Data to Transform Marketing
Retailers Seen Leading Pack in IoT
Google's Vision Of The Connected Home
MasterCard Launches Internet of Things for Payments
New System Adds Smart, In-Vehicle Tracking
Planning Underway for Marketing the Home of the Future
Car Becomes 'Smart' Enough to Make Purchases
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Oct. 26, 2015
IoT Forecast: 4% Drop in New Projects, Then 12% Rise
Marketing of Wearables Moving into Clothing
Smart Bulb Company Adds Google Marketing Muscle
Smart Tea Kettle Hacked to Highlight Security
Inside Apple's Internet of Things Strategy
Sensor Data Being Tapped Ahead of Driverless Cars
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Oct. 23, 2015
Connected TV Takes Center Stage in Internet of Things at Home
Internet of Things Coming to Live Events
Ford Looks to Connected Cars for Better Consumer Experience
Apple Watch Takes Toll on Swiss Watches
8 Retail Chains Join to Sell IoT Products
Valuable Experience Seen As Needed for Success of Wearables
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015
The Internet of Connected Lights
Marketing, Advertising Seen As More Specific with Smart Devices
IoT Roadmap Suggested for Retailers to Get Started
Why Car Hacking Is Nearly Impossible
Airports Increase Use of Beacons for Travelers
Security Seen As Paramount for IoT
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015
The Wilson X Connected Basketball: Managing the Net of Data
Sailthru Launches Personalization Engine, Adds Mobile, Online Marketing
Startup Marketing Device to Make Older Cars 'Smart'
Space-Time Insight Provides Real-Time Streaming Analytics To Transform Data
Drone Marketing Could Face Operator Licensing
Big Growth of Wearables Projected
Winemaking Turns to Internet of Things
Hilfiger Dons VR; Sees Rosy Future For 3-D Retail
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015
'Agency of Things' Aims to Connect Brands
Mercedes Launches Connected Car App
People Want Easier Devices, More Cameras In Their Smart Homes
Taylor Swift Taps IoT for Concerts
AT&T, Uber To Video-Stream Football In Cars
Smart Baby-Changing Pad Introduced
Costs Slow Smart Home Adoption
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Oct. 19, 2015
Marketing Triggers in the Internet of Things
Luxury Automakers Lead in Race to Driverless Car
Are Big Data, Smart Devices And Wearables Improving Wellness And Saving Lives?
Video Used for Marketing of Smart Thermostat
Tomorrowland Today: Demo Day At Disney Accelerator
Best Buy Adding Drones for Holiday Shoppers
Future Technology Seen As About Customer Experience
Focus on Customer Needs Viewed As Requirement for IoT Success
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