AI & IoT Daily Editions for November 2015
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
Lightbulb Lessons in The Internet of Things: Promise Vs. Reality
Nest Refutes Webcam Spying Claim
Hello Barbie Spying Issue Raised Again
Number of Connected Devices Challenged Over Security Issues
Privacy Seen As Roadblock for Internet of Things
London Leads Way in Growth of Smart Cities
The Internet Of Things: A Modern-day Version Of An Old Dilemma
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 27, 2015
Beacons Moving Well Beyond the Mobile Ad
43% of Small Businesses Expect IoT to Impact Their Marketing
Chief Execs See Mobile, IoT as Tops for Future
Issues Found with Web Links for Internet of Things
L'Oreal Testing Connected Skin Care Device for Consumers
Security Again Highlighted As Problem for Connected Devices
The Internet Of Things: A Modern-day Version Of An Old Dilemma
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015
The Intersection of Smart Objects, Consumers and Messaging
VanDerWaals Marketing Connected Handbags that Change Colors
Marketers Need to Be MoreTech Savvy, Says Report
Phone One-Touch Info Service Expands to US
Smart Home Gadget Watches Devices for Non-Techie Consumers
Standards Groups Merge to Help Smart Devices Talk to Each Other
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
Wearables, Connected Cars Facing Big Security Issues
Startup to Start Marketing New Home Monitoring System
Push Notifications Tip Consumers about Appliance Status
Qantas to Link Wearable Data for Rewards
Smart Car Seat Monitors Driver's Condition
FAA Wants To Track Drone "Pilots"
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 23, 2015
Holiday Shopping: 61% Want Connected Devices; Smart TVs Top the List
Audio Beacons Identify Devices for Advertising
First Android Smartwatch with Cell Service Pulled from Stores
Jaguar Marketing Car Connection to Apple Watch
Smart Sensors Being Added to London Buses
Fitness Tracker Jawbone Cutting 15% of Workforce
A Half-Baked Apple TV
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
53% Unaware of Internet of Things, 72% Find it Confusing
Beacons, Coupons Found Effective at Retail
Privacy Issues Seen Around Online Behavioral Advertising
New App Oversees Smart Home for Consumer
Government Should Not Heavily Regulate IoT, Says Report
Automakers Ask Congress to Stay Away from Connected Cars
Netflix, Newbies Among Top OTT Services
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
Internet of Things Forecast: 28 Billion Connected Devices, Much More Speed
Ford Targets Millennials with Connected Car
Customers, Makers More Closely Linked with Internet of Things
Cheaper Sensors, Stronger Batteries Needed, Says Report
New IoT Tech Streamlines Signals in Malls, Department Stores
OTT Service Forecast To See Sharp Growth In Next 5 Years
Sky Guns For Netflix And Apple TV With Sky Q
C-Suite Picks Mobile and IoT As Hottest Future Technologies
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
Trident Gum Campaign Incents Consumers to Share Wearable Data
Apple TV Interaction Highlights Connected Device Design
Smart Car Comes from 3D Printer
Connected Devices Could Relieve Anxiety, Says Report
Robot Tested for Airport Check-In
Government Grant Backs Passwordless Smart Homes
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015
66% See Connected Home Devices As Too Expensive; Must Be Worth It
High-Tech Barbie Chats with Children, Recalls Past Conversations
CPG Packaging Seen Containing Sensors for Passive Purchasing
Google Leads in Self-Driving Cars, Says Report
Company Predicts 'Superphone' in 5 Years
10,000 Smart Street Lights Being Added to City
Agencies: Embrace 'Connected Screen' Era, Or Die
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
Connected TVs Smart - and Interactive
Consumers Intrigued By Smart Home Possibilities
Connected TV Usage To Hit 200 Million By 2019
Fitness Tracking Company Acquired, Merging Technology with Brands
Digital's Big 3 Alter Reality: Eye New Search Interfaces For Consumers, Brands
Realtors Eye Marketing of Smart Homes
Security Company to Start Marketing Sensor Protection Device
Smart TV Found to Share Consumer Viewing Habits
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