• Amazon Launchpad Adds Curated Shopping Lists
    Amazon Launchpad -- the shopping giant’s section for startup products -- will now curate a selection of items that were “Featured on Product Hunt.” As such, consumers “can browse items upvoted by the community and see the conversations around the product,” The Next Web reports. “Similarly, on Product Hunt’s item page, if an item is available for purchase through Amazon Launchpad, you’ll see an option from the drop down ‘Get It’ menu to buy it.”
  • CVS Launches NFC-Based Payment Service
    Rather than adopt Apple Pay or some other NFC-based payment service, CVS just launched a mobile payment solution of its own. “It’s aptly called CVS Pay, and it shows a barcode on the phone screen that the pharmacy can then scan to ring up your purchases, so long as you link a credit or a debit card to it,” Engadget reports. “You can also present the barcode to pick up prescriptions that you can refill and manage in-app.”
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