• New App Makes Pizza Ordering Under a 30-Second Process
    Pizza Hut is introducing all-new mobile ordering apps and a refreshed mobile website. The new mobile enhancements will enable users to order in less than 30 seconds, will be GPS-enabled to assist in finding the nearest restaurant and will immediately update as new products and deals are introduced. Digital ordering accounts for about 30% of deliveries and carryout traffic for Pizza Hut nationwide and nearly half of the company's digital orders stem from mobile devices. That's a 4,000% increase in Pizza Hut mobile ordering since 2010. Pizza Hut partnered with industry-leading mobile designers and developers to produce a simplified ordering …
  • NFC Seen as Not Ruling in Mobile Wallets
    Forrester Research analyst said that she does not expect NFC to ever takeover the mobile wallet space. During a "Mobile payments: State of the union" session the exec went over a number of the big players in mobile wallets and explained the benefits of each. While the executive did see the appeal to NFC technology, she did not believe that mobile payments in the United States would be a good use case for it. "I am not bullish on NFC in the U.S.," Ms. Carrington said. "I think NFC has some great capabilities and will be adopted over time, I …
  • eBay Aims to Expand in Mobile Commerce
    Prominent online retailer eBay is poised to expand its presence in the mobile space, according to the company's new chief product officer, RJ Pittman. The newly hired Pittman recently left a position with Apple in order to pursue new opportunities. Pittman garnered acclaim in his field for developing Apple's popular storefront and may be a powerful addition to eBay's staff. The retailer has been working to bolster its presence in the mobile space in order to hold more sway over mobile commerce. Mobile commerce has become a major focus for eBay due to its popularity with consumers.
  • Isis Sees Convincing Consumer as Obstacle to Mobile Payments
    US mobile commerce joint venture Isis - backed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless - has provided further insight into its plans to commercially launch the service nationwide later this year, revealing that it is primarily counting on the operators to ramp up consumer interest as it seeks to attract further big name members. "We will be doing some marketing that's direct but for the most part we will be participating with the carriers, with the merchants, and trying to bring a message to consumers that explains to them what the Isis wallet is, how they can use it and …
  • PayPal Moves to POS for Mobile Payments in Australia
    Smartphones are becoming the new shopping malls, as Australians embrace mobile commerce. Mobile payments have grown more than 5000 per cent in three years, from a base of $37 million, according to a new report from PayPal called Secure Insight: Capturing Digital Spend. The wider online retail market has grown 11 per cent year on year to $36.8 billion, compared with 2 to 3 per cent for retail overall. PayPal Australia managing director Jeff Clementz says the past three years in Australian retail were about enabling e-commerce, but the next phase will be about point-of-sale solutions.
  • Disney Teams with Shopkick for Loyalty
    A Disney executive at the Mobile Shopping Fall Summit spoke about how the marketer is using both its branded mobile properties and third-party applications to build loyalty efforts. During the "Providing Value In A Time of Shifting Expectation To Meet The Needs Of The New-Generation Shopper" panel, executives from Marriott, Home Shopping Network, StubHub and Disney discussed which tactics are working best at connecting consumers with online and offline experiences. In particular, the panel discussed some of the newer opportunities around mobile with augmented reality and virtual stores.
  • Mobile Shopping to Reach $42 Billion, Says Study
    A highly recognized m-commerce business has released a report called the "2013 Holiday Guide for Online Retailers", which provided the top 10 recommendations for success, this holiday season. What was explained by Shopgate in its report was that retailers should start acting right away to make their way into m-commerce if they haven't already prepared their strategy for the upcoming holiday shopping season. It is no longer enough to focus on online shopping in general and as a whole. Instead, a focus also needs to be placed specifically on the mobile channel.
  • Dutch Mobile Commerce Grows 67%
    Mobile e-commerce in the Netherlands rose 67 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2013. Worth EUR 550 million in the period, mobile accounted for 11 percent of all online sales, according to a study by Blauw Research for the industry group Thuiswinkel.org. M-commerce is expected to be the growth drive for the e-commerce sector in the coming years, the group said. The report found that the number of Dutch consumers buying something over a mobile phone or tablet rose by 53 percent in the first half to 2.3 million. They made around 12 million purchases, spending on average EUR …
  • Mobile Payments on the Rise in Canada
    Money transfers through mobile phones is picking up in a big way in the financial capital of Canada, Ontario, where the two-year old mobile payments industry is setting a new wave. Something that amazed me on a recent visit to the state is the contact-less payment facilities that have taken shape in a big way in Canada. While Indians are hesitant to swipe their credit cards, Canadians are now getting used to tap-and-go payments. Global payments and technology company, MasterCard ranked Canada as the second most prepared country after Singapore in the world for widespread mobile payments adoption. On a …
  • AmEx Adds Twist to Mobile Payments
    Mobile payments are becoming more common throughout the world and have garnered the support of technology and financial firms in recent years. The growing popularity of mobile payments is largely due to the proliferation of mobile technology. Higher smartphone and tablet ownership is encouraging consumers to seek out new forms of commerce that are more aligned to their interests. As mobile payments continue to attract more attention, businesses are working to provide more comprehensive services to consumers. American Express has plans to revolutionize mobile payments to some degree. The company has been showing strong interest in mobile commerce in recent …
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