• Sales by Mobile Payments Projected to Rise
    A new report from eMarketer predicts that mobile payments are set for more success in the United Kingdom. Many people throughout the country have become quite fond of the idea of mobile commerce, praising its convenient nature and the efforts that many retailers are making to engage mobile consumers. Mobile commerce is quite prevalent among online shoppers, but a growing number of people are using their mobile devices to make purchases in physical stores as well. According to the report from eMarketer, the growth rate of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom will be four times higher than the growth …
  • Consumers Ditch Cash, Turn to Mobile Money
    AUSTRALIANS are increasingly ditching cash and queues for smartphones to bank, pay bills and shop. Mobile commerce customers have shot up a huge 448 per cent in just three years. Australian Communications and Media Authority analysis estimates 3.4 million adults made transactions on their phone in December last year, up from 620,000 for the same month in 2010. Soaring smartphone sales, more mobile internet use, an explosion of banking and shopping apps, and expanded network coverage are credited with the huge growth. Six in 10 Australians now own a smartphone - a penetration rate higher than the United States and …
  • Mobile Payments Moving to Wearables
    There has been a digital disruption causing a dramatic change in the function, purpose and design of payments channel in just over a decade. Wearable payments will be one of the ways customers do transactions. It is all about convenience and the speed of the transaction. Look at the number of wearable devices being launched on a faster pace with those from big names like Apple, Google, Motorola and Samsung. At LetsTalkPayments, we have already talked about the prospect of wearable technology as a prospect for making payments. And today, we can surely say that it's more than being a …
  • Pepsi Sees 48% Conversion Rate with In-Store Mobile Offer
    Pepsi Bottling saw a conversion rate of 48 percent on a $5-off offer for hockey tickets that was accessible when in-store shoppers scanned or tapped their smartphones against display units. These results are for the first in-market pilot test of reusable display shells that have QR code and near-field communication technologies built in. The program, which ran during the first quarter of 2014 in the Minneapolis area, delivered a 2.81 percent engagement rate and a 1.34 percent response rate.
  • 3-Click Helicopter Booking Added to App
    Fly Blade, a new high-end transportation service, is taking the stress out of traveling to the Hamptons by chartering helicopters from New York to Long Island's east end. With congested roadways and limited train seats available, affluent consumers looking for a quick weekend getaway do not want to sit in Friday afternoon traffic. The Fly Blade is designed to save consumers time and aggravation by creating any easy way to book travel plans to and from the Hamptons.
  • Researchers Identify Flaw in PayPal Payment
    Researchers at computer security firm Duo Security have discovered a flaw in the two-step method PayPal uses to authenticate account-holders. The flaw involves a temporary security key PayPal users can generate with a personal device as an additional step along with their password for account log-in. Working properly, this second step requires a hacker or fraudster to have physical access to a user's personal device, as well as access to their password. However, Duo researchers discovered that experienced computer programmers could exploit a vulnerability in how the PayPal mobile app communicates with the PayPal server to bypass the security key …
  • In-Store Maps Created for Mobile Shoppers
    Aisle411 on Wednesday announced a new functionality that will allow retail shoppers using Google's Project Tango to search and navigate to product locations while getting rewarded in retail environments in a revolutionary new way. Fully unveiled at the Google I/O Developer Conference on June 25, Google's Project Tango is a new technology used for creating 3D maps of indoor spaces with the ability to show a user's precise location and orientation within centimeters of accuracy. Aisle411 is leveraging the Project Tango technology and integrating it with its inventory searchable indoor maps for retailers. The combined solutions from Project Tango and …
  • AT&T Tests Fraud by Linking to Phone Location
    AT&T Mobility is working with credit card companies to test a permission-based fraud-detection service targeted at international travelers that will link a customer's location to the location of the transaction. The premise behind the service is that most people take their smartphone with them when they shop, so credit card companies can use the location information tied to a person's cell phone to verify the legitimacy of the purchase. AT&T said the service, called Location Information Services, will be available in more than 150 countries. The company plans to pilot the service this summer and deploy it to enterprise customers …
  • Waffle House Targets Race Fans with App
    Restaurant chain Waffle House is partnering with Smithfield and Richard Petty Motorsports on a mobile application giving fans of racing and waffles a way to earn rewards by doing what they love. Users of the app will be able earn points by voting for their favorite Waffle House location, tracking their purchases and by participating in the app's Fantasy Racing League. Bonus points will be earned when users purchase Smithfield menu items.
  • Uber Partners with Retailer for Meeting Attendees
    Men's online retailer Mr Porter, with mobile car service application Uber, is creating an easy way for Paris Fashion Week guests to travel around the city. The five day alliance will offer Paris Fashion Week attendees free personal chauffeur service in central Paris. The union of Mr Porter and Uber will offer guests the ability to experience both brands in one occasion, likely leading to a positive combination of each brand's consumers.
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