• Motorists Sent Mobile Coupons as They Pump Gas, Leading Them into Store
    To encourage motorists who pump gas at its stations to come into adjoining convenience stores to make additional purchases, a company tested a new technology to entice those customers inside by sending them a mobile coupon for a discount on their gas-redeemable at the cash register only.
  • Mobile Driving eBay Toward $300 Billion in Commerce Revenue
    With mobile as a big driver, eBay is predicting the company will enable $300 billion in global commerce by 2015 and that its revenue will grow to at least $21.5 billion in 2015, up from $14.1 billion that it realized in 2012, driven by the company's continued innovation in its core business and adoption of mobile commerce.
  • Russian Payment Provider Seeks $100 Million in US Public Offering
    A Russian payment provider that enables merchants to accept cash and electronic payments, is looking to raise $100 million in an initial public offering in the U.S. The company helps merchants accept payments in stores, online and on mobile devices.
  • Time for Luxury Watchmakers to Move to Mobile Sales?
    Well-known watchmakers use QR codes to drive consumers from print to mobile, but this effort could be ineffective since often products cannot be purchased online.
  • Retailers Continue Adopting Mobile Coupons
    Over the past year, mobile coupons have created a stir, with companies incorporating them into Apple's Passbook, through a variety of mobile applications and even SMS-based programs to incent consumers.
  • Furniture Retailer Launches iPhone App As Companion for Shoppers
    Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has launched an iPhone application that lets consumers browse the company's collection and find in-store items, with mobile features such as in-store mapping and inventory.
  • In-App Payments for Windows Phone Works Across Otrher Microsoft Devices
    A mobile payments provider is introducing in-app payments for Windows Phone. This is the only third-party payment provider on Microsoft platforms with support for cross-device integration of payments on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone.
  • 10 Million Use Starbucks App; 100,000 New Downloads a Week
    Starbucks mobile and desktop sites generate approximately 35 million monthly unique visitors and many of those consumers also carry a Starbucks card, which they load with funds to spend at Starbucks.
  • 7 Ways Mobile Commerce Likely to Change Retail Shopping
    With mobile-driven online sales in the U.S. expected to reach $2.12 billion, mobile commerce has the potential to eclipse desktop-based ecommerce and, perhaps, even replace a significant portion of traditional retail shopping.
  • CVS Launches Interactive iPad Shopping App, Mimicking In-Store Experience
    CVS/pharmacy has introduced an interactive iPad application using 3D technology to make it easier for customers to shop and fill prescriptions. Users can manage their ExtraCare loyalty accounts from the app as well as interact with other key departments.
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