• $999 App Targeted to Flying Millionaires
    Private aviation provider Magellan Jets is eyeing millionaires through a partnership with iVIP's luxury lifestyle application suite to offer exclusive benefits to high-net-worth users.
  • CVS Launches Interactive iPad Shopping App, Mimicking In-Store Experience
    CVS/pharmacy has introduced an interactive iPad application using 3D technology to make it easier for customers to shop and fill prescriptions. Users can manage their ExtraCare loyalty accounts from the app as well as interact with other key departments.
  • Trends in mCommerce Around the World Point to Increase
    Mobile phones have become the most commonly used electronic devices on the planet, with the leading commerce trends being much higher traffic levels over mobile devices, location based services, mobile marketing and advertising, mobile wallets and smartphone and tablet based coupons and QR codes.
  • Online Retailer Pits mCommerce Site Against Response Web Design
    An online retailer tested responsive and found it had a good chance of besting an m-commerce site in smartphone conversion. In addition, responsive came with the added benefit of providing a tablet-optimized design.
  • Groupon Offer Drives Mobile Redemption at Starbucks
    When Groupon offered a $10 Starbucks electronic gift card for $5, there were more than 100,000 takers and it crashed the Groupon site, again highlighting the power of easy mobile purchase.
  • China, South Korea Take the Lead in Mobile Commerce
    In South Korea, 37 percent of online shoppers made an m-commerce purchase, nearly twice as great as that in the United States. Similar trends are also being seen in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Japan.
  • In-App Purchasing Extends Reach for Mobile Payments by Nook
    In-app purchasing by Barnes & Noble's NOOK comes through a partnership with a mobile payment provider. App and game developers will be able to sell premium digital content in their products to millions in the NOOK Store.
  • Japanese 'Secret Sale' Chat App Looks to Expand Commerce
    A Japanese company is spending $223 million marketing its 'secret sale' mobile app this year, more than double last year's amount in hopes of growing to a billion users.
  • Target Ramps Up Mobile Coupon Push to Educate Shoppers
    Target is using a combination of mobile advertising, SMS and its mobile site to help drive in-store traffic and encourage consumers to save money on their favorite products.
  • Merchants in Canada Wary of Costs of Mobile Payments
    The wireless industry in Canada is strengthening the push that it has been making to accelerate the adoption of mobile payments, but merchants are feeling frustrated and pressured as they anticipate higher fees.
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