• Groupon Updates Mobile, Tablet App to Feature Search
    Groupon has updated its mobile app by increasing the importance of search - through a magnifying glass that is located on the bottom right of its application pages - and by supporting t-commerce on 10-inch devices. Mobile and t-commerce active daily deals number approximately 37,000 on average.
  • Square Simplifies App for Checkout at Retail
    Users of Square Register are exploring the new features that came along with the update just released by the mobile payments giant. The new features, we're told, simplify the payment process for retail businesses by speeding up the checkout experience, chiefly in restaurant and dining environments. On the iPad, restaurants are now given the option to customize orders for customers as well as adding the ability to add their names to the order.
  • Cricket Team Adds Augmented Reality to Tickets
    A cricket team in India will be providing even more for their smartphone toting fans through AR. The Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket team has just announced that, beginning next month, they will be issuing tickets that feature augmented reality content that can be viewed through a smartphone or tablet.
  • Walmart Turns to In-App Ads to Drive Sales
    Walmart has turned to rich media to entice consumers to learn more about its fishing gear products and, ultimately, bolster sales. The company is running the campaign within The Weather Channel's iPhone application. Walmart has used mobile advertising in the past to educate consumers about making purchases via its mobile offerings.
  • Startup for Hair Color Matching Mobile App Funded
    A yet-to-launch company says it will source its own healthier and less harmful products, and will help people buy them via personalized color-matching mobile apps, stylist consultations and other modern e-commerce sorts of things. Madison Color's CEO is formerly a venture capitalist.
  • New Standards Issued for Mobile Payments in China
    China's largest telecommunications company has released new technical standards meant to govern the proliferation and support of mobile payments. Mobile commerce has been experiencing strong growth in several Asian markets, with much of this growth taking root in China. A growing number of consumers are becoming comfortable with the idea of mobile payments, leading People's Bank of China to begin seeking ways to expand mobile commerce services throughout the country.
  • Dutch Mobile Commerce on the Rise
    Mobile commerce in the Netherlands is on the rise. Dutch consumers are following the trend established in other parts of the world where mobile commerce is becoming the favored way to purchase products. The Netherlands has been serving as a testing grounds for several pilot projects concerning mobile payments, and consumers seem to have responded well to these projects. This has caused a steep spike in demand for mobile commerce services as well as aggressive growth in consumer participation.
  • Florida County Moves to Mobile Tax Collection
    An excellent illustration of the value of mobile payments in local government played out in Orange County, Florida, where taxpayers just gained a new way to make their tax payments. A mobile payments solution owned by North American Bancard, announced that the Orange County Tax Collector's Office has selected the company to provide its electronic tax and fee payment systems for County residents.
  • Visa, Fandango Team for Location-Based Deals
    Visa is letting consumers receive location-based information and deals as an incentive for linking their accounts to Fandango's iPhone application. Consumers with a Visa Signature credit card can participate in the Tixpress promotion. Fandango has also updated its iPhone and iPad app with a few new features.
  • Cab Company in India Gets 30% of Bookings from Mobile Apps
    Smartphones are changing the way people shop and go about their lives. Though the penetration of smartphones is small (about 10% of the total mobile phones in use), the early users are seeing benefits of ease of ordering pizza or book cabs from their mobile devices. Bhavish Aggarwal,CEO & co-founder, Olacabs, talks about how people are using smartphone app to book cabs.
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