Just An Online Minute... Move Over Internet Week, It's Normal Week NY 2009

Normal Week NY 2009, New York
June 15-19, 2009

Don't you just hate the week before a much-needed vacation? It's as if time starts cranking in reverse or the clock gets stuck at 11:46 a.m. and won't, even with threatening anger face on your part, move forward as it should. I'm in that mode because, see, next week I'll be lying on the beach getting as brown as I possibly can (while avoiding skin defects)and reading as many books (you know, the stuff with pages and words stamped into them with ink) as my eyes can eat. Until then, I have to plow through this week with the same level of energy I pump into any normal week. And you bet I'm taking you with me. So what's on deck this week?

Tuesday June 16: OMMA Video! Follow for agenda nudges, retweets, and snippets from the fabulous MediaPost Raw contributors. If you're going and tweeting, use the hashtag #ommavideo (search on it throughout the day to eavesdrop and twitter-bomb people with your delightful opinions if you aren't going!) to keep yourselves tweeting in the same stream (but don't pollute it!). I'll try and jump back and forth between that and... Day One of the 140 Characters Conference. Oh, that's right -- not just one Twitter-themed panel, but a two-day conference full of them [insert horking noises]. I wasn't planning on covering it, for the simple fact that I couldn't imagine you wanting to hear more of people talking about how awesome they are, how they've "joined the conversation" and how often they're retweeted, but my curiosity wins AND I'm really hoping my cynicism gets the smackdown. Please prove me wrong.



Wednesday June 17: OMMA Publish! Same participation stuff above, only for this event, use the hashtag #OMMAPub and you're golden! This is also Day Two of the 140 Characters Conference. I definitely want to make the "Twitter as the GPS for the greater Social Media Mesh," "White House Correspondency in the Age of Twitter," and the interview with Wyclef Jean. Yes. Wyclef Jean. Start thinking about what you'd like me to ask him. I'm @socialmedium (warning: I'm a chronic oversharer, but nothing too whackadoodle) and if I can remember to charge my BlackBerry, I'll see if you're all listening and grab a question from you! After the day stuff I'll be hitting the New York Women in Film and Television's 2009 NYWIFT's Designing Women awards gala. Last year was really fun and artsy-fartsy AND we got to meet Ed Burns.

Thursday June 18: I'm still not 100% sure which event I'm attending. Specific Media is celebrating their 10th anniversary and as part of their celebration they're featuring a culinary beatdown between two of Bravo's "Top Chef" contestants. So that means great food and entertainment in their new office space overlooking Central Park -- OR option #2. which is a combo of my favorite things: circus freakery and Coney Island. Yup, Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey are having a premiere party thing for The Coney Island Boom A Ring! Tigers, hotdogs, and freaks oh my! All brought to you by ABC 7 and NYC & Company ( Decisions decisions...

Friday June 19: Nada. Just me, my baldy, and the greyhound to Baltimore, and then we're beach-bound. I know, I know - this means you and I will be separated for an entire week. But guess what? I can tell you what I would attend if I were in town. Obviously you should make it to OMMA Social. Seriously, since MediaPost started this event I've always had vacation scheduled on the day. So I'm going to rely on you to put your Just An Online Minute hats on and report back all the good nuggets. It's on June 23 and it's one NOT to miss.

On June 25 get yourself on the nearly increased-cost subway and head over to DUMBO to expose yourself to talent off the island. They're returning to the mob strip joint of yore with some presentations to knock your knee socks off.  Sign up and get over there! I have always enjoyed Digital DUMBO and I'm 100% certain you will too. If you can't make it off the island, I know Matt Van Hoven (AKA @agencyspy) will show you a good time at Wrath of Cannes. And really, if you're nuts I'll bet you can do both events! While you're working hard changing the media marketing and advertising (on and offline) landscape for the better, I'll be working on my boardwalk fry0eating skills and winning all kinds of raggedy stuffed animals. 

Before that, as you can see, we've got quite a week to beat the crud out of.

Keeping sending those invitations to!

You can find every single picture I took during Internet Week NY in this collection!

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  1. Barbara Pflughaupt from BP Media Relations, LLC, June 15, 2009 at 3:34 p.m.

    Hi Kelly -- Please choose #2 :) We'd love to see you at The Coney Island BOOM A RING and you'll love the show. Cool ocean breezes too and an airconditioned tent! Keeping fingers crossed we see you there and thanks for the shout out here! :)

  2. Craig Peters, June 15, 2009 at 8:56 p.m.

    oh, you HAVE to choose #2 for the 18th -- after all, this is "Just an ONLINE Minute" ... look at all the online social media goodies happening re: The Coney Island BOOM A RING:






    .. and that's just for starters!

    (Besides, what's better: Top Chef food or popcorn and cotton candy?)

    See you there!


  3. Kelly Samardak from Shortstack Photography, June 16, 2009 at 5:29 p.m.

    fine. I'm obviously going to the circus. man that was a hard sell.

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