2010 Survival Guide: Performance Marketers

2010 Survival Guide: Performance MarketersThere can be such a thing as too much sense of direction

Do you need to go on a data diet? A constant stream of new analytics products and services has turned the data stream into a flood. The Wharton Interactive Media Initiative wants to identify the smallest data set that can be used to increase response. The idea, says managing director Steve Ennen, is to help marketers identify the metrics that really matter. The idea of serving a user with the right message at the right time is fine," Ennen says. "But you don't need to go to the absolute outer limits."

"The continued fragmentation of online audiences combined with advancements in first- and third-party targeting data will give rise to what we are calling 'Variable-based Targeting.'" says Toby Gabriner, president of ad network Tribal Fusion. "Advertising best practices, such as advanced targeting, will enable advertisers to not only understand, but focus on attributes or variables that truly drive performance. These include demographics, psychographics, context, behavior or geography. This trend represents a major shift from simply looking at context or inferred behavior to drive advertising performance."

"Successful email marketers will be defined by their ability to embrace behavioral-based segmentation and the lessons attained through testing," says David Daniels, vice president, principal analyst, Forrester Research

"2010 will be a breakthrough year for measuring engagement with online ads, moving beyond the click to measures that make brand advertising actionable and accountable," says Josh Jacobs, Glam Media's senior vice president of brand advertising products and marketing.

"We will see ad networks evolve and go deeper into particular niches (verticals, geographies, targeting technologies) while also differentiating themselves by developing proprietary data sets that serve the needs of their advertising clients," says Rajeev Goel, CEO, ad revenue optimization service PubMatic.

Post-click measurement becomes standardized. Doubleclick and Atlas will finally integrate mobile into their tracking systems. "This means that instead of using different post-click tracking tools for each ad network, an advertiser will be able to evaluate mobile properties on true engagement, and evaluate not only actions, but how many post-click pages were consumed by the user," says Paran Johar, CMO of JumpTap.

Never have so many measured so much. In the hyper-metric environment, marketers need to set different priorities for each campaign, be it engagement, click-throughs or efficiency, says John Lisko, executive communications director at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles. "We need to become comfortable using research for directional insights. Basing decisions exclusively on what one research tool indicates is irresponsible and lacks creative thinking," he says.

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  1. Scott Milener from AdRocket, Inc., December 21, 2009 at 2:57 p.m.

    Agreed on the varying use of targeting data. AdRocket is doing Search Retargeting in-session and making 3X the eCPMs for our pubs on unsold inventory than with other performance ads. Its focusing on a targeting niche and doing it really well that counts.

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