Just An Online Minute... Who Knew Rum Was The Young Urban Perfectionist's Drink?

Rums Of Puerto Rico "Reflections" Campaign Launch, MPE Penthouse, New York
February 17, 2010

I do like piña coladas, but I am not into getting caught in the rain.  Perhaps getting caught without an umbrella in this hard city has stripped the plips and plops of any hint of romanticism they ever held, if they ever held it at all.  The good people at Rums of Puerto Rico did their best to wipe my memory clear of grey skies and slush-filled streets, replacing it with the sounds of the rum capital of the world and the sweet and sultry coconut taste of summery piña coladas as they celebrated "Reflections," their new ad campaign.

Talk about contrasting with your surroundings.  While I walked along 45th to the MPE Penthouse between 9th and 10th Avenue I saw six of NYPD's finest surrounding a gangly cabbie yelling into his phone "But Mah, if you don't come pick me up, they're gonna arrest me!" As they faded into the background, a young, squatty man barfed onto and over the curb, wobbling dizzily from whatever classy event he had just departed.   Within minutes I left the chunder-filled world behind and entered a windowed penthouse, the city stabbing into the sky around it, a fireplace tickling the entryway with its warm arms, and a tall blond woman balancing light pink beverages on her blue-backlit tray.



Immediately I was approached by Veena Raj of Dan Klores Communications, who pointed out the leading roles in the room -- like Javier Figueroa-Morales, Director, Rums of Puerto Rico and Jose Ramon-Perez-Riera, Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce in Puerto Rico, Department for the Governor of Puerto Rico.  Think of them as ambassadors of perfection -- the theme behind "Reflections," which "speaks to young urban professionals who strive for perfection in both their personal and professional lives; that same balance and perfection is 'reflected' in a fine Puerto Rican Rum as well."  Those who strive for mediocrity? Popov.

While weaving through the guests who were sipping magical concoctions like the Harbor Breeze (with kiwi puree and pear), blueberry sangria, and goblets of straight-up sassy darkness, I met Melissa Braverman, blogger on Single Gal In The City. 

Not just any single gal, people. 

She is about to embark on the scariest of adventures: The Great Dating Blitz.  My single friends just call this everyday hell, but Melissa is doing it up adventure style: hitting eight cities in eight weeks to experience the single life outside of Manhattan.  I have a feeling she won't be back.  She's tossed in an interactive element, with her final destination being decided by popular vote.  Melissa, please bring back some quality gentlemen for my quality girlfriends, thank you.

I also met Cortney Silverman and Katelyn Klenowski of Corbin Hillman Communicationsm who were absorbing some research and observation for their client, Bacardi, in the form of rum-spun beverages. Corey Reiter, jewelry designer at Corey Michelle Designs, arrived to help me flag down the trays of tuna tartare, lamb and goat cheese spring rolls (or so they appeared), and some odd little foie gras thing.  Most of the food was drool-worthy -- developed by Mario Pagan of Chayote's in San Juan -- especially the yummy little fried cheese disc whose name slips my mind.

Keep your eyeballs pinned open when you're out and about --because Rums of Puerto Rico not only officially sponsors Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but they're also popping up as exclusive lounges and spaces at Madison Square Garden and Citifield. 


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